Gardening with a Vegtrug

Gardening with a vegtrug

! metre long Vegtrug

You want to grow veggies and maybe soft fruit so why not use a VegTrug Vegetable Planter. Gardening with a Vegtrug makes gardening much simpler and easier especially if its difficult to bend over or keep your balance. Maybe you are now finding it more and more difficult to get down to ground level. I can’t keep my balance and do the raking or dig a hole in the soil with a fork and spade. Well maybe gardening with a Vegtrug is an ideal solution that is just for right you. Its solid, practical and made from renewable timber.

Gardening with a Vegtrug

Small VegTrug is made using sustainable timber that will last for many years. It is delivered as flat pack but it is very easy to assemble and the purpose built, fitted membrane liner protects the timber. A Vegtrug uses sustainably grown cedar.

The Vegtrug is at an easy working height

Gardening with a vegtrug


The top of a Vegtrug is at waist height. This makes tending the vegetables much easier for disabled gardeners and other people who have difficulty bending. Its wheelchair friendly because its at wheelchair height. No more bending or kneeling either. Another advantage, no slugs. I suggest you use John Innes No 3 compost for good growing results and you will need about 210 litres of soil. Maybe add a few worms from the garden, so why not try to turn it into a little ecosystem.

Buy a 1M VegTrug Vegetable Planter now.

This video makes some suggestions on what to plant in your Vegtrug.

Product details

  • Sourced from sustainable plantation grown cedar, your  will last for many years
  • Dimensions: L: 1.0 M W: 0.78 M  H: 0.8 M
  • Capacity: 200  – 220 litres of soil or 3.5 x 60L bags of compost
  • Flat pack, and easy to assemble
  • Each Vegtrug  comes with a purpose built, fitted membrane liner
  • Easy working height.

Customer comments

  • A band of grease or thin copper fastened around the legs will stop the slugs.
  • Solid elegant and practical.
  • Looks good and my husband who suffers with arthritis finds it easy to plant up and then attend to the vegetables that are planted in it.
  • Easy to assemble, I needed help towards the end, and great for me as I’m disabled and in a wheelchair.
  • Fairly easy to put together, great size for growing small vegetables.

April 2014

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