Glasses for double vision 3

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  1. Opung Jamoh Dai says:

    After car accident with impact on my left eye, Im having Diplopia. Right eye is ok. Due to left eye vision is double. If I close my left eye I have good vision.
    Please suggest me a glass where left side glass is one way( say I can not see through but other person looking at me can see through it & Im looking normal). Complete block to left eye with black glass etc. look awkward.

    Im desperately looking for such glass.
    Im a working lady. Because of diplopia it is very difficult to work specially in computer or during meeting.

    Please help

    Opung Jamoh Dai

    • Hello,

      Try prisms in glasses fitted by an optician or maybe a lens made out of opaque glass. If possible put prisms into your glasses, both eyes allow you a depth of vision. Maybe talk to an eye doctor

      I understand why a black eye patch makes you feel awkward when you go out. I hope you solve the problem

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