Going away for a short break


Ideal weather for a short break by the sea in Devon

Going away for a short break used to be so easy. The hardest part was deciding where to go. The wife and I would finally agree on a place. From then on it was a simple process. Throw a few clothes into a suitcase, grab a book, car keys, wallet and the cheque book and we were ready to go. Short breaks were the way to go even then.

Going away for a short break

Then came children and the matter of going away suddenly took on a new dimension. The children have now grown up, left home, so its back to just me and the wife. No hang on, these days there are three of us that go on holiday. The third person always has to come first where ever we go and whenever we go. Going away for a short break is now more complicated.

Its the disability clutter

We have to take this third person and its vital that wherever we go there are suitable facilities. I really ought to give it a proper name but I’m not sure it deserves one. Also people recognise the medical name If I started to called it Hoppy or Scrouge I think it would cause even more problems so for the time being I will stick with MS or multiple sclerosis.

So what’s the problem when I go on holiday?

I have to take so much paraphernalia with me when I go away with MS. Just try to move around the house and MS says I must use a rollator walker otherwise I will fall over. If I want to go outside then I must use my Trike (that’s what we call the Travelscoot). Oh yes don’t forget the walking stick, I can hobble a few steps with it.

Getting through the day

Without even thinking about leaving the house MS has to be considered. There are the pills to help me sleep through the night and I must make sure I have plenty of catheters. These are ‘must-haves’. If I want to have a shower then it is a good idea to take some special suction handles. I can stick them onto the tiles in the shower and hold them otherwise I fall over.

The list is endless

The friend called MS does not give me anything in return. My little friend called MS has been with me since 1972 though we were not introduced until 1994. To be fair it’s only since about 2008 that it has made its self obvious to other people.

I have got used to this selfish permanent companion. Both The Wife and I want him to move out but the three of us bump along together.

Novermber 2016

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