Good Grips Button Hook, Dressing Aid

good grips button hook, dressing aid

good grips button hook, dressing aid

Good Grips® Button Hook, Dressing Aid is another product from the OXO range. Once again its simple and practical. Doing up buttons can become such a struggle if you have no sense of feeling or dexterity in your finger tips. Maybe you only have one hand.

I have nunb finger tips and I do find it difficult to do up buttons on my shirts. I must always button up the shirt before I put it on and then I pull it over my head as it were a pullover. The good grips button hook makes getting dressed so much easier.

Good Grips Button Hook, Dressing Aid

The large rubber handle with flexible ribbing makes it an easy grip, easy to hold and easy to use. Other button hooks are thin like a pencil and not so easy to grip with your hand. Dressing is now so much simpler and this in turn promotes independence. Now there is less reliance upon other people to help. That is a big help with independence.

Who will benefit?

good grips button hook, dressing aid

Doing up a button

This will be very helpful if you are arthritic, suffer from Parkinsons disease, have a tremor, are single handed or suffer from multiple sclerosis.


Important points

  • Large rubber handle with flexible ribbing.
  • Easy to grip
  • With a large hooked end, it makes dressing much simpler and can help promote independence
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for one handed use
  • Well designed

Find out more about the Good Grips® Button Hook, Dressign Aid now.

Customer comments

  • After seeing and trying out device on a training day for care workers the wife asked me to search the Internet for one this I found and purchased
  • I sometimes have difficulty doing up buttons (lack of fine motor control owing to MS). This device is easy to use and works well. Delighted

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