Hand Held 5 Inch Round Lighted Magnifier

Hand held 5 inch lighted magnifier

Hand held 5 inch lighted magnifier

The hand held 5 inch round lighted magnifier evokes the great literary detective Sherlock Holmes. It updates a classic look with a black, ergonomic handle, silver-tone lens frame. The circular frame contains a bright LED. This is a large round magnifier, with 2x magnification overalls and a small powerful 6x magnification area. It can handle large-scale projects down to the finest detail. The lens frame projects out on both sides, protecting the lens surface when set down. The crisp, white LED light enhances subtle detail and increases the contrast of text. A great help if poor eye sight or limited vision. It will also help when you need to see in better detail.

The LED lasts 100,000 hours.

More information

  • 5″ round frame
  • Optical grade magnifier
  • 2x magnifying lens with 6x bifocal
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Battery is supplied, remember to remove plastic cover when it arrives
  • Bright white, energy-efficient LED lasts 100,000 hours
  • Can be used with or without the light
  • Weighs just 295 gm (10.5 oz)

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Customer Comments

  • well made,clear view of what you are looking at.the in built light works well.
  • It is great for examining antique maps but would be equally useful for any number of activities
  • If you are reading this review you have probably found the only magnifier you’ll ever need with the large glass and good magnification
  • Does what I wanted it to – makes it easier to read small print

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