handSteady drinking mug

handSteady drinking mug

handsSteady drinking mug  – So simple

Do you have such a severe tremor  that drinking from a normal cup is difficult?  If you are unlucky enough to have a tremor in the arms weak wrists or  weak hands? If that is the case then a handSteady drinking mug could be the solution. Incidentally it will also help if you have difficulty swallowing or arthritis. A handSteady drinking mug will make having a drink so much easier. Also it might be a suitable gift for a friend or relative of yours who has a tremor.

It has a large easy to hold handle

Its a clever device, you hold the handle of the cup and as you tilt the handle the cup stays vertical. It eliminates the possibility of spill liquid when you have a drink, no need to use a straw. The handle rotates but the cup remains vertical – clever eh

Its lightweight

Here is a short video from Judi Brums who lives in Surrey, England. Judi has Multiple Sclerosis and like many other people with advanced MS, Judi finds drinking easier with handSteady because:

  • It has a large, easy to hold handle.
  • It tilts easily. Just tilt the cup  by using one hand and the rotatable handle (see the video for a demo of how Judi drinks with handSteady
  • It’s lightweight.

Much the easiest way to understand it is to have a look at the video. If you want to know more then go to handsteady information

Other advantages

  • There in no need to tip your head back when drinking
  • The cup is dishwasher proof.
  • It does not break if dropped.
  • It is something to help you but it does not label you as a disabled person.

It is a recent invention, it was first available during the summer of 2012. As far as I know there is nothing quite like it available to buy.

If you have bought one then please leave a comment let me know what you think of it.

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