I love my Taotronics LED desk lamp


Taotronics LED desk lamp

I bought a Taotronics light over a year ago and I have not broken it yet; that is a good start.. It is an energy-saving and eco-friendly lamp.  I guess these features make up for the terrible title to this blog so if you have read this much you might read the rest of the article. I use the lamp on my desk and it is perfect for reading and working. Its so easy to change the intensity of the light and the light quality is excellent. Excellent for tired eyes. So yes I do like my Taotronics LED desk lamp

I love my Taotronics LED desk lamp

It will not win any prizes for elegance or for an attractive design but it is incredibly practical and functional. To my mind this is a big plus and a good reason why I use my Taotronics LED desk lamp  Another good point is that the light points down from above. The pure white light is not tiring on my tired old eyes. All of this is really important for me because my vision is definitely not as good as it was a few years ago. Multiple sclerosis has even been kind enough to give me double vision

The light is soothing 

The light from the lamp does not flicker or cast a shadow. This is a tremendous help because my  eyes itch and ache at the end of the day. Yup they get tired. Books are very easy to read using this light and that is important to me. The light does seem to make my double vision less pronounced.

When the lamp is used in the bedroom the light does not spread around the whole room plus it is easy to adjust the position of the lamp.

Stable base

Despite its lightness and small footprint it is remarkable stable and its not top heavy. you can only move the arms of the light forwards or backwards and you cannot rotate it. This is not a problem for me

The unit does not get hot, something that happens with the old fashioned element light bulbs. The power supply cord could be longer but this is a minor quibble


This is a very practical desk light or reading light. I admit that it is not a work of art and it will not burn a hole in your bank account. To my mind this lamp ticks an awful lot of the ‘buy me’ boxes. So those are the reasons why I use my Taotonics LED deesk lamp

I have not received any money or any freebie to write this blog. I just like this light

April 2017

top heavy, double vision, cast a shadow, easy to adjust, small footprint, Taotronics light

2 responses to “I love my Taotronics LED desk lamp”

  1. I have something very similar, but a different make, and I share all your comments but would add the ease of switching – on and off – for my troubled fingers.

    Delightful, touch sensitive, buttons. There is even one with a picture of a cup of coffee on it. Apparently there is quality of light for coffee drinking!

    • Hello,

      Its the quality of light that I really like. Also agree that turning it off and on using buttons on the base is so easy but idea of coffee-light is a bit far fetched.

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