I use incontinence pads

I use incontinence pads

Small incontinence pads for men

Oooo, this is a difficult subject It is something I had to man-up to quite seriously several years ago. I have had bladder problems since I was a young man, multiple sclerosis has a lot to answer for 🙁 Nowadays I sometimes use incontinence pads because of the irritable bladder.

I only wear normal underwear

The pad fits inside my pants during the day. Usually it is ‘Small Discrete Pads‘ for ‘light loss of bladder control’ with an absorbency of 200 ml. If I am going to be out for a long time, maybe going to a play or meal, then I will wear a ‘Regular Discreet Pad” with absorbency of 600 ml.

I use incontinence pads

Up to 50 percent of people with MS suffer from urinary incontinence and won’t seek medical help. Years ago I was unsure if there was any help. For too long I simply hoped that the problem would go away. Sadly multiple sclerosis is not like that.

It was 10 years ago in 2006

The MS nurse introduced me to intermittent self-catheterisation. It did not solve my problems but it improved the quality of life immeasurably.

4 years ago in 2012

I use incontinence pads

Larger sized incontinence pads for men

I had to start wearing an incontinence pad. Why? I am not incontinent it’s just that sometimes I cannot get to the loo in time. In fact urinary incontinence was having a huge impact on my quality of life as well as my social life. A wet patch on the crotch of my trousers caused me huge embarrassment.

My bladder problems require a change to my life style so I have had to stop drinking beer. I have also cut back on wine and other alcoholic drinks. Nowadays I drink decaf tea and decaf coffee.

I take tropsium chloride

It is a daily pill prescribed for an overactive bladder. Typical symptoms are urinary incontinence, urgency, and frequency. People with MS often live a life that is governed by their bladder.

My incontinence is not chronic

At the end of each day there is always a slight stain on the pad where a little bit of urine has dribbled out. If I have to stop taking tropsium chlorie then my life is unbearable and no incontinence pad is sufficient

Wearing a pad will not eliminate the problem

Nobody can see I am wearing a pad. The ones I wear are small and discrete but my quality of life and self esteem have really benefitted.

October 2016

6 responses to “I use incontinence pads”

  1. Amelia says:

    Hi Patrick!
    Great article, I wrote one, a few years ago, on my Bowel issues……constipation mainly and my discovery of a thing called Peristeen……it has totally changed my quality of life. Bowel & bladder problems are never discussed openly enough, it is such a big taboo subject but I don’t think it should be…….too many people suffer in silence!

    • Hello Amelia,

      Proper strong black coffee resolves all my constipation issues. What’s even better, that’s how I like my coffee

      Yup everyone says it needs to be discussed but I am deafened by the silence.

      Talk soon

  2. Jane Ambrose says:

    The main thing is not being able to get there on time!
    I have to use a “bottle” in the morning as to get to the loo I have to put on my lower leg prosthetic, and this takes too much time!
    I tried self-catheterisation but found it incredibly complicated- all that hand washing!
    I think we could all do with a bit more open discussion of these things! Thanks

    • Hello Jane,

      ISC for women is not as easy as it is for men.

      Sounds like getting going in the morning is a bit of a mission for you. I use an FES but can stagger through to the bathroom without it, its only a few steps from my side of the bed.

      Do you take any pills to reduce spasms of the bladder and have you thought about getting Botox? Ask GP to make an appointment to see a neuro urologist.

      I agree with you, people need to be a lot more open and honest with themselves and other people about MS and the strange problems that come with it.

      Good luck.

  3. Judy says:

    Thanks for this information.

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