Large Size Stick On Keyboard Letters

Large Size Stick On Keyboard Letters

Black on Yellow stick on letters

Buy Large Size Stick on Keyboard Letters. This is a simple, low cost and effective way to make your keyboard more accessible for the visually impaired. Put letters and numbers in large print on your standard keyboard. These large size stick on keyboard letters are suitable for laptop, desktop or notebook.

Large size stick on keyboard letters

Ideal for people with poor eyesight, those struggling to read small letters, or even for those who just want to make life that little bit easier! The colours are black on yellow, black on white or white on black.

Ideal for people with impaired sight

If your sight is not that good then this could well be ideal solution. Letters printed in black on yellow background are much the easiest for the visually impaired to see the letter on the keyboard. The size is 36 point – 9mm.

Large Size Stick On Keyboard Letters

White on black stick on letters

Why are they suitable?

These stick on letters guarantee complete absence of glare under different angles of lighting. Each sticker is easy to apply and will stay on forever. Each set of stickers are made from high quality non-transparent matt vinyl. The matt hue of the stickers make them suitable for any keyboard.

The laminated stickers are easy to remove from the backing sheet enabling quick and easy application to your keyboard.

  • Avoids the need to buy a special keyboard with large letters
  • The large print makes it easier to find each letter, this can help to increase your typing speed.
  • The letters stick onto the buttons of a standard laptop, notebook and desktop keyboard

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Large Size Stick On Keyboard Letters

Black on white stick on letters

Customer comments

  • This is an excellent product, making the keyboard so much easier to see in poor light even for those of us with supposedly normal eyesight.
  • These are brilliant and you can see them very clearly even in dim light.
  • The actual symbols are considerably larger than the original ones, although the stickers are the perfect size for a standard PC keyboard. The bigger letters are far easier to read than the original ones.
  • Ordered this product, stuck on the letters for the whole of my key board and now it’s as if I have a brand new keyboard – very pleased with it.

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