Living with multiple sclerosis is no laughing matter

Living with multiple sclerosis is no laughing matter

Multiple Sclerosis is no laughing matter

Two reasons why living with multiple sclerosis is no laughing matter.

Saturday 24 June

I always look forward to Saturday. Not because it’s the end of the week. Not because it’s the start of the weekend. It’s the day I go to the local bakery buy bread and Chelsea Buns.

Last Saturday came round and I went to the bakers on my Travelscoot. I bought bread and Chelsea Buns. The buns are top notch as are their Bath Buns.

On my way home I go through the market on the High Street. At the WI stall I buy eggs and quite often there are interesting plants or I might need to buy jam or marmalade. On this occasion there was an interesting plant with delicate yellow flowers called Anthemis Tinctoria. Is’s a perennial and looked as if it would thrive in our garden.

Living with multiple sclerosis is no laughing matter

I reached into my back pocket for my wallet and there it wasn’t 🙁 You must have had that ominous sinking feeling when you realise whatever it is you need has disappeared. This time it was the lost wallet, my first thought “What will The Wife say?”

I sat down and thought. “I had it in the bakers. The bakers is only 200 yards away and I left it less than 5 minutes ago. Maybe it had fallen out of my pocket.”

I must go back to the bakers and ask if I left it there. The WI stall offered to hold the plant, I admired their confidence.

As I was going back someone stopped me and said that my wallet was in the Bakers. I was so relieved.

I know I am a scatterbrain but the MS does not help my bad memory.

My bad bladder is getting worse

My MS kicked off in the 70’s. when my bladder had spasms. It just would not behave and it still won’t.

The latest trick is to stop me sleeping through the night. After about 5 hours sleep I am woken up dying for a pee. When I do eventually leave the snug warm bed and go to the loo I don’t want a pee. None the less I must catheterise. It’s not easy to fall asleep afterwards.

So now I am now a grumpy miserable old git. Lets hope that I can get some botox and put this problem to bed as it were. Then I will be a happy cheerful little chappie

Multiple Sclerosis is no joke.

July 2016

6 responses to “Living with multiple sclerosis is no laughing matter”

  1. Amanda dodd says:

    Hello,, thanks for this. I related so well to your intro video and the slow realisation things have changed. I regularly lose or forget things. The latest was my purse left in a motorway service station loo 4 hour drive away. I couldnt even remember where it was but luckily my son was driving and he did. It gets frustrating but you have to look on the bright side. I got my purse back too! Looking forward to reading more. Mandy (56 diagnosed in 2004)

    • Hello Amanda,

      Call it a hidden disability. It drives me bonkers. I am surrounded by lists and I have the attention span of a gnat but at least I admit the problem exists.

      Its the forgetting I’ve forgotten that drives me nuts

  2. Christian Rolfe says:

    Good luck

  3. Richard Leakey says:

    How does Botox work? Does Viagra help the mobility? I’ve just done a bit of weeding and dug up a few potatoes and now cream crackered! About 30 minutes in all. Now sitting down for an hour or so. I have the progressive type, am nearly 73 and hoping to get my driving licence back!

    • Hello Richard,

      Botox is injected into the bladder and this helps it to relax. Effectively it reduces the number of times you need to go to the loo but you also need to be able to do intermittent self catheterisation. You need to be referred by your GP

      As far as I know Viagra does not help with mobility or to build up stamina. If you get mentally tired and fund yourself falling asleep, as opposed to physically fatigued then there is a drug that will help. I guess its a bit like caffeine. Talk to your MS consultant about that or maybe your GP

      Good luck with your driving licence.


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