Logitech Washable Keyboard

Logitec washable keyboard

Logitec washable keyboard

Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard  Do you eat while surfing the net and then wondered where the crumbs go? Have you ever spilled a cup of tea or a glass of coke over your keyboard? Sometimes it is just clumsiness but that does not save the keyboard. This is a washable keyboard, what a wonderful idea.

Here’s a keyboard that loves a wash

Give the Keyboard a light sprinkling or a deep soak! This washable keyboard is easy to clean and easy to dry, the durable, robust keys can really take a pounding. Give it a deep soak. It’s easy to clean, built to be hand washed and designed with long-lasting keys that can take a pounding—including one-touch keys that get you right to whatever you want to do.

Washable KeyboardTechnical Details

  • Washable
  • Ultra durable construction
  • Feel good typing
  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Take a shortcut and save time
A video to show that accidents can happen and cleaning up afterwards.
Its so simple, buy a Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard now.

Some customer comments

  • The cleanliness and hygiene of the keyboard is brilliant.
  • I have a rather bad habit of eating around my machine. Can’t help it, it’s just too comfortable. The draw-back is obvious – it gets dirty which over time is fairly unpleasant.
  • Great for kids to help us worry less due to accidentally spilled over keyboard so we can wash it and continue to use without a problem.

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