Long Handled Shoe horn

long handle shoe horn

Long handle shoe horn

A Long Handled Shoe Horn is vital because I am very unsteady on my feet. When I look down I cn easily lose my balance. ‘the only solution is to sit on the bed when I put my shoes on. There is no option. The process is made even more difficult because of severe foot-drop AND I must wear a support that wraps around my left foot and ankle. For me its is an essential device for putting on shoes that are a bit of a tight fit.

Another thought

Wrestling my feet into shoes will not only damage the heel but also reduce the lifespan of my shoes.

My problem 

The shoe horn helps me to guide my left foot into the shoe. Its a very inexpensive solution to what could be an embarrassing problem should I lose my balance and have a fall. Imagine telling A & E that I dislocated my shoulder putting on my left shoe.

Why is a long handled shoe horn helpful?

  • It is a useful dressing aid which eliminates bending over
  • The long handle gives extra reach to help you put on your shoes without having to bend down too low
  • Ideal if you are suffering from back pain and find it difficult to bend low to put on your shoes
  • Loop attached to the handle to enable the user to store the shoehorn on a hanging hook

It does the job perfectly

If I did not have a A Long Handled Shoe Horn then I would have to ask my wife to help me put my shoes on so it also give me independence.

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Customer comments

  • Just the thing for a tubby oldie! It saves an awful lot of trouble… 
  • Used this while in hospital after hip op helped me a lot …   
  • I suggested that they borrow my long handled shoe horn. Success, no more groaning and asking for help or pushing down the backs of their shoes. Instant success for such little cost. They all want their own shoe horn now.  
  • After a hip replacement operation this gadget is a necessity. Also for elderly people who are unable to put their shoes on.

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Updated Dec 21018

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