Magnetic Knife Rack

Magnetic knife rack

Magnetic knife rack

A Magnetic Knife Rack, its really is such an obvious way to store your sharp kitchen knives. You can see them. They are easy to reach so it is easier to select the right knife for the job straight way. Now they are not rattling around in a drawer getting blunt. The Magnetic Knife Rack will help to keep the knives sharp and also they will stay sharp for longer.

Its simple kitchen knife safety, think smart knives. The the knives are much more difficult for young children to access.

Magnetic Knife Rack

A magnetic knife rack is very easy for a handyman to put up on the wall next to where the food is prepared. The knives are no longer rattling around in a drawer along with all the other clobber. Inevitably the right knife will always be at the bottom, sods law. Now there is much less chance of cutting your self especially if you are cack-handed and clumsy like me. It is now so much easier to select the right knife for the right job.

Other advantages

Its much more hygenic. It the knife rack is on a wall immediately in front of where the food preparation is done then it selecting the correct sharp knife is easier and simpler. Now there is less time walking around the kitchen holding a sharp knife.

In so many kitchens space is at a premium so  hanging them on a wall saves valuable drawer space. It will also provide much more convenient access to your knives.

Other uses

Incidentally it’s not only useful as a magnetic knife rack in the kitchen you can use it as a magnetic rack for chisels or screwdrivers in the workshop or garage.

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To see other suitable kitchen equipment for people with a mobility or balance problem then click HERE 

Customer Comments

  • it’s simple yet stylish and the magnets are strong enough to hold all sorts of heavy knives
  • I live in a flat and space is at a premium. This allowed me to free up more of my kitchen worktop   
  • Holds the knives firmly. Lots of space. Looks smart

Updated December 2018

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