Make time for exercise

I think that you should always ensure there is enough time each day to take exercise.

Always make time for exercise

Always make time for exercise

Feel healthier

Exercise helps to create a healthier body and to keep a healthy mind. Research shows that exercise helps to ease the symptoms of  MS. Find the exercises that suit you and can be a part of your daily routine, Maybe talk to a physiotherapist. Doing exercise will make you feel better and could even stop the MS symptoms getting worse.

An exercise guide

Using a step-counter is a useful way to gauge how many steps you take each day. I don’t take anything like as many as I ought. My excuse, drop foot and bad balance makes walking a challenge. Apparent,y you should take about 10.000 steps each day.

Why do I take exercise?

Believe it or not it makes me feel better and I feel less stressed. I have managed to make it a part of my daily routine, I’m saure that’s the secret.

In the morning

In the morning I wake up feeling stiff so I need a serious stretch. I need to ‘oil the joints’ to get myself going. The hardest bit to get going is my left foot. I get out of bed and it is a huge effort to stand up and put both heels on the ground.

During the day

When it comes to exercise its far too easy to say ‘I’m too busy’ so exercise must be something which is enjoyable. I cannot get fit by running, walking or jumping, if I try then I end up as a heap on the floor. Instead I might walk to the shops, potter in the garden even doing ironing. Ironing helps balance and coordination and it must rank as one of the most boring jobs I know.

Why do I do exercise?

  • Improve overall health, for example exercise helps to keep my bones healthy
  • Reduces my level of stress and worry and this makes me easier to live with
  • Release and increase the level endorphins working, these make you feel better
  • Keeps me mobile and active. this helps me to be more independent and I have a better quality of life
  • Helps my balance. I am described as a frequent faller, falls are not good for my self esteem

Here is an article by the MS Society about Exercise,

Start now, its never too late

If you don’t take exercise then start now, its never too late. Do not try to do too much, too soon. The secret is to try to incorporate it into your daily life; make exercise enjoyable. You are bloody minded if you take exercise that you don’t enjoy. Tell me, do you take exercise? Do you think its good for you? Write in and let me know.

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