MS claims another activity this time a close shave

MS claims another activity this time a close shave

Talking of a close shave

I have suffered from multiple sclerosis for more years than I care to remember.  Quite how I have managed to live this long has been a big surprise to both me and The Wife. Life has been a series of close shaves. Far more than I would ever want to admit.

Diagnosed with MS in 1994

At the time of diagnosis MS did not impact upon my life in any way. Six years later it took a giant leap and started to make its presence felt.

Secondary progressive MS

Falling over became a speciality especially if the pavement was uneven. Soon I was unable to walk the dog as far as she wanted to go. Then I had to stop driving. So the MS moved on remorselessly. Now I even started to bounce off walls.

Despite the assorted setbacks there were parts of my life that were not affected. I still worked all over the world and I had energy by the bucketload.

Eventually energy was not so plentiful and walking became an issue then I had to retire. I could still wash, shave, get myself dressed. Just recently MS claims another activity, this time a close shave.

MS claims another activity this time a close shave

A different close shave

A couple of months ago, January 2017

I cut my lip when having a shave in the morning. I put a dab of loo paper on the cut.

Next morning I do it again :-(. I had never cut myself before on two consecutive mornings when having a shave.

On the third day I only go and do it again. This time MrsB asks if I am OK.

“Isn’t it time you started to think about an electric razor?” she says.

“No” I say.

“But you have cut yourself on three consecutive mornings”

“I will be more careful tomorrow”. Tomorrow comes and I don’t cut myself. It’s only a one day reprieve. The next day as I dab at another nick MrsB tells me to buy an electric razor.

“It’s not such a close shave” is my riposte as I go off in a sulk.

“Just give it a try AND I can’t stand all these bits of bloody tissue”

“Get an electric shaver! Have you looked on Amazon or the John Lewis website” she adds as I lurch between the wall and the bannisters along the landing

Eventually I relent

Two days later the electric shaver arrives. I charge up the battery and have a shave.

This is definitely not as good as a wet shave. It does have its advantages though. I can do it sitting down, that’s.a big relief. Not more cuts or bits of bloody tissues, even bigger relief.

Two months later

I have not thrown my old Razor away. I’m keeping it for sentimental reasons. I am converted to my electric razor but the shave will never be quite as close.

March 2017


4 responses to “MS claims another activity this time a close shave”

  1. Clive says:

    I do relate to what you say wet shave is the best but can cause so many problems as you rightly say.

  2. Nick Melliss says:

    Thanks for this account. I recognise the development completely, though I’m still wet shaving, and I drive but with an automatic and an adaption, so that the accelerator is worked by my left foot. I still fall over, but only in the house when I’m not taking care. I like your reluctance to give in, and I can also hear my wife shouting out with advice, that I’ll probably ignore until it’s too late.

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