My MS Fatigue, What Is It Like?

Fatigue is a very common symptom of multiple sclerosis. It can vary so much from person to person.  Misunderstood by so many, it can often have a major impact on an MSer’s life. Find out more of my MS fatigue, what is it like for me?

MS Fatigue, zonked, it just happens

MS Fatigue, zonked, it just happens

My MS fatigue, what is it like?

The fatigue felt by a is totally different from the fatigue felt by an MSer. Here is a good description of MS fatigue; an overwhelming inability to continue but there is no obvious cause.

The runner will feel physically exhausted at the end of the race. The mental capacity is still good, still got co-ordination and recovery is usually fairly quick.

I am an MSer and I suffer fatigue. Let me tell what mine is like. Standing on my feet is the killer. If I am using a rollator life is easier but that does not stop the fatigue, I do not have to concentrate quite so much on my balance. When standing I always try to find something to lean on or against.

My fatigue

MS fatigue,, like running into a brick wall

MS fatigue,, like running into a brick wall

Physically I feel the fatigue in my thighs but I’m not out of breath. In fact I cannot remember the last time I was out of breath because of physical exercise. As well as my thigh muscles giving me problems moving my legs in a coordinated way does not happen. My problem with double vision is even more pronounced.

As well as being physically fatigued my brain is befuddled, I’m unable to think clearly, quickly or logically.

It’s the befuddled brain that is worrying

I want to continue with whatever I am doing, I know I have done too much but I have got to keep going, not give up. I plough on until Barby hears me struggling and she tells me to sit down. Then I reply ‘I’m OK’ in a weary way but in my heart of hearts I know that I have pushed myself far enough so I do sit down.

One lesson, you must always be able to ask for help

Does not take much

One day I had done nothing special. I’ve been on my feet making a quiche, washing up and doing all sorts of odds and ends in the kitchen.  That took just over an hour and before that I had done the day’s shopping using my Travelscoot. Suddenly the fatigue sets in and befuddled brain takes over, suddenly everything was an enormous effort.

I saw sense, sat down and snoozed. An hour later the MS brain fog has completely disappeared but hand-eye coordination was a joke, still seeing two of everything and thigh muscles ached. I did manage to water the plants in the green house, some were about to expire. The achy legs and double vision went away a few hours later but I had been sitting down nearly all the time.

Nobody knows why

For some fatigue is not an issue, For other people it can change their whole way of life. I’m lucky, a little sit-down, quick snooze and I’m ready to go even if I’m not running smoothly.

I know what causes my fatigue, for some people it just happens; suddenly they feel as if they are enveloped by a thick fog. Even more frightening, nobody knows what causes MS fatigue.

A little bit of help

Here is the MS Trust description of fatigue One tip, always have mobile numbers of people you know and who you know will help on your phone in case of emergency.

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