My PIP benefits form is in the post

My PIP benefits form is in the post

Iron wheel in the French sunshine

I am in France it’s a beautiful hot sunny day but I cannot sit outside. Uhthoff’s syndrome has put paid to that little pleasure. Back to the plot. My PIP benefits form is in the post. So relieved that I have finished it.

Bit controversial here

Why do the DWP need to make their questions so negative? They need to assess disability but there must be better ways of finding out this information. First of all asking me to reflect on what I cannot do. Secondly, surely the questions are written by someone who is NOT physically disabled. This is the 21st century, accept change.

What I cannot do

I’ve definitely got my marbles and I definitely know that I have a disability. I spend an enormous amount of time and effort doing things. If I always look back and think “I can’t do that” then I will want to slit my throat. I’m looking at what I can still do and I keep on doing it.

“Use it or lose it”

That gets me out of bed every morning and keeps me going. I’m not alone. It is frightening to write about what I can no longer do. That is what answering the benefits form is all about. It is all too chuffing depressing.

Who approved the PIP benefits form?

I suspect the PIP benefits form was written and approved by a committee of able-bodied people. Everything about the form is belittling and demeaning.

Do you like this definition of a committee, “An animal with four back legs”? It is used by John Le Carre in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Rant over

I think you get my meaning. If only the four-legged committee had used some thought and consideration . They mean well but completely miss the target.

Citizens advice bureau (CAB)

I must take my hat off to the CAB, I fixed up an appointment to see a representative  and discuss my PIP application form. The representative went through my answers and she made several really positive suggestions. The best one was asking The Wife/Carer to write something on living with me.

The Wife did not want to read my application form, I understand why not. Her comments on how our lives are changing made points that I had not thought about at all. A valuable second opinion.

My PIP benefits form is in the post

I have signed and dated the application form and enclosed the 5000 word Word document answering the questions. It included a few scanned letters from consultants etc. I put these into a brown envelope and sealed it up. Finally I got onto The Trike, went down to the post office and sent the envelope by recorded delivery, £7.65. Now I can track the parcel and check when it reaches the DWP.

Done and dusted

Posting it eliminated 90% of the stress from my life. Putting together the answers took over five days of my life (PIP bootcamp). Not a literary masterpiece, but it will have to do. There are no trophies or prizes, just relief.

I just want the DWP to transfer me to PIP with the same benefits. I know I am seriously physically disabled, let’s hope they do to.

A few days later

The DWP texted me to say they have received my PIP application

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6 responses to “My PIP benefits form is in the post”

  1. Andrew says:

    I completed my PIP form 2 years ago.
    With SPMS the adjudicator was apologetic to me, saying the DWP should be more understanding about progressive diseases that only get worse, not better.
    He hoped that I would not have to attend in 3 years time as it was just a waste of time for everybody.
    What upsets me more is that PIP stops at age 65, even though I won’t receive my pension until 66. Why doesn’t PIP and pension start and finish on the same day? It will be worse for younger people who might have to wait 2-3 years with no income.
    Hope you survive the changeover unscathed.

    • Hello Andrew,

      As is so often the case nothing is thought through to completion nor is logic ever used. I was unaware of the one year break between benefits and state pension – oh shit.

      You highlight a classic problem, the whole thing is a total lottery and that coincides with what I have heard. Just got to cross my fingers and hope for the nest

  2. John Cowburn says:

    I’ve just finished reading the blog of “Stumbling in Flats” – written b y a lady who has progressive MS. She had similar things to say about the report and when she read the script written by the woman who came to visit her – it contained lots of blatant lies. She was turned down and her reconsideration was also turned down so she now has to make a legal Appeal!!! Read it here:
    It’s all quite shocking and the Govt should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Hello John,

      I know Barbara who writes that blog. Yup it is very unfair.

      Subcontracting it out to Athos and Capita was a serious error of judgement and the whole thing has spiraled out of control. I guess that’s why I have written the series of articles. To highlight the injustice of it all as well as a being therapeutic. Frightened it is a beast that is going to get out of control. Did you see

  3. Laura says:

    Hiya I am fully disabled and it has took me 8 years to get pip after all the letters as. Everything I now people who had got nothing wrong with them and don’t need an assenment and get it it makes me sick wen we are disabled we have to be put through the assenment and don’t think it is fair x

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