Plan B

Plan A & Plan B

Always allow for things to go wrong,, call it plan B

Always allow for things to go wrong,, call it plan B

I nearly always plan out what I’m going to do, that’s plan A, then occasionally I think about plan B.

Plan A & Plan B

What to do in an emergency, its obvious but surprising how often I forget about it. I get halfway through the day, sit down and realise that getting up and carrying on is beyond me unless I have a rest. That’s when I need a plan B.

Do not to be too ambitious

Fatigue, loss of energy, losing the will to continue – all of these problems are typical in people who have MS. If you have to do things that are crucial then a contingency plan is an essential. Another essential is not to be too ambitious, this is my failure.

When the wheels stop going round you need Plan B

Some people are suddenly overwhelmed by a lack of energy. I’ve heard it described as trying to walk through syrup, everything slows down and eventually grinds to a halt. There is nothing else to do but go to bed, unfortunately you don’t know how long this feeling will last. With me I have to take the weight off my feet, lie down for maybe 45 minutes and then I’m usually OK.

When the wheels stop going round you need Plan B. Someone else has got to be able to take over. This might mean that the children have to be collected from school by someone else. I don’t get this sudden fatigue, that would would terrify me. What would happen if  it occurred when I’m in London, how would I get home?  Does this sort of thing ever happen to you?

Set up an alternative plan

Managing day-to-day life with MS, you need to have Plan B. Very few of us want to stop work because it gives life a structure. Instead an alternative plan is required, maybe do voluntary work. My alternative plan is this website. Work offers the opportunity to be independent.

Sometimes doing plan A becomes a no-no, maybe the commute is too tiring or you can no longer drive and public transport is impossible. In this case plan B could be ‘I have to be  able to work at home.’

Good luck with putting an alternative plan into place. Its not a matter trusting to luck, think about Plan B. If you have MS then its got to be done.

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