Playing Card Holder

playing card holder

playign card holder

This is a Playing Card Holder. A playing card holder can hold up to 15 cards. Using a playing card holder it is possible to hold a fan or hand of cards and not worry about dropping any of them.

Social interaction

Playing card games involves social interaction and it can increase social capital. Any social interaction is good for you whether or not you are disabled. There is nothing more embarrassing than dropping a playing card on the floor  and it lands face up. This is regardless of the game and who you are with.

Playing Card Holder

Something to hold the playing cards is very important if you have arthritic hands or weak wrists. These card holders can be held in the hand.This is a very simple but effective device. I know someone with multiple sclerosis and she use one of these to hold her hand of cards when playing bridge.

So simple and effective

Its so easy to use. All you need to do is sort out your hand of cards and then tighten up the two discs of the playing card holder. The playing card holder will now ‘grip’ the cards during the game. You do not hold the cards, instead hold the playing card holder. Its very easy to remove the card you need to play. Nothing could be easier.


When its not being used it can be slipped into a pocket or handbag and it is perfect for games of bridge. When playing any card game it is essential that you can hold the cards and not worry about dropping them during the game.

This Playing Card Holder is ideal for a person who has weak grip because of arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

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Customer comments

  • This is a very neat device which works extremely well for me with arthritic hands
  • Arthritis in my hands and it makes it so much more comfortable whilst playing cards

Updated December 2018

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