Raised garden planter bed

A raised garden planter bed bed looks good against a wall or it can be free standing.

Raised garden bed planter

Raised garden bed planter

If you are confined to a wheelchair, have squiffy balance or find bending down difficult then most of the gardening tasks are quite a challenge. It is so much easier to do these tasks when sitting down. A raised garden planter bed will make working in the garden so much easier.

It is delivered as a flat pack but it looks quite easy to assemble.

The wood has been treated but I would suggest that you give it another coat of wood preservative before assembly.

Herbs can be in the planter bed all year, for example parsley or thyme In the summer add something that brings a splash of colour. Put in bulbs for the spring and there are small winter plants with berries. You can enjoy it a raised garden planter bed all year.

While it might look a little bit on the expensive side it will add quality to your garden and give you immense pleasure. I would strongly recommend buying a raised garden planter bed

There are a variety of garden troughs at waist height that you can buy. I have one similar to this which I fill with plant pots or you could use a grow bag. It has brought me an immense amount of pleasure. I change the plants through out the year They don’t seem to make them any more.  🙁


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  1. Judy says:

    Reading about raised garden planters was inspirational!! Sprouting seeds and acquiring baby plants from a garden centre is doable, and even building a raised garden planter with help if needed! Thanks ?

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