Ratchet and Twist Action Secateurs

Spear & Jackson – Ratchet and Twist Action Secateurs

Spear & Jackson – Ratchet and Twist Action Secateurs

Plants are fantastic to look at when in flower. Picking an apple from a tree and eating it is a real joy. Picking raspberries from your garden and then eating them with cream and sugar is a treat. Every year these plants will need pruning and good sharp secateurs are essential. The Spear & Jackson – Ratchet and Twist Action Secateurs are designed for easy pruning.

Ratchet and Twist Action Secateurs

These secateurs are ideal if your grip is not very strong.  The ratchet mechanism allows you to cut through the branch in stages This avoids the need for you to apply intense pressure in one cut. Twist anvil secateurs are useful for cutting thick branches.

Anvil pruners

They have only one blade, which closes onto a flat surface. A big advantage is that they remain reliable even when they are slightly blunt.  The combination of ratchet mechanism and anvil construction is a winner.

Enthusiastic gardener

I have always loved getting out into the garden. Not so easy for me nowadays. I appreciate the importance of having good and reliable tools. The body of these secateurs is made from lightweight cast aluminium and they have a metal locking catch. The high carbon steel blade has a PTFE coat. This is a type of teflon to give smooth cutting and it is resistant to rust. These secateurs are designed to a high specification and offer many years of use.

  • Ratchet action allows easy pruning in 4 short steps
  • High Carbon Steel Blade
  • PTFE coated blade for smooth cutting
  • Lightweight cast aluminium body
  • Metal locking catch

Treat yourself and buy a pair of Spear & Jackson – Ratchet and Twist Action Secateurs

Customer comments

  • I always try to get the best tools for the job. These secateurs were just what I needed
  • I bought this pair of secateurs because they were ratchet ones and I find this type of secateur is ideal especially as I am older and do not have much strength in my hands. They make pruning an easy job.
  • Good quality secateurs from a well known manufacturer.
  • he was really please for the soft grip handle and the easy to operate clasp. excellent item!
  • I bought these for my dad who has arthritis in his hands, he says he loves them

October 2013

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