Ring-pull can opener

Ring pull can openerIt does exactly what it says on the packet. A can opener that levers the ring pull up and opens the tin. These days all tins are opened just by pulling a ring. It all sounds super easy. When I try I invariably find it super difficult so I resort to an old fashioned tin opener. The smaller the ring-pull the harder it is. Make life easier for yourself, just buy a Ring Pull can opener.  Use a ring-pull can opener, very simple and so easy.

Those tins with very small ring pull loops are really bad news if you are not very strong. Perhaps you have difficulty pulling the ring for one reason or another. Another problem is lifting the ring so it can be pulled.

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Ring-pull can opener

This makes opening tins a ‘a walk in the park’

Opening tins of pet food, tins of anchovies and even tins of soup, they all need a ring pull. I suggest you throw away your tin opener and open the tin by pulling up on the loop just by using a Ring Pull Can Opener, This is a ‘must have‘ piece of equipment to use in the kitchen.

It is ideal to use 

  • If you are disabled and lack manual dexterity
  • Suffer from arthritis or you have a weak wrist and poor grip
  • Finger is too fat to go through the loop
  • Saves ruining your finger nails
  • There is a non-slip grip handle to make it even easier

This is also a very simple item to use

  • Open ring pull cans with easy lever action
  • Ideal for arthritis sufferers, the elderly or not very strong
  • Comfortable non slip grip handle
  • Incredibly easy to use

Have it in a really accessible place. It takes all the stress out of what would otherwise be a very fiddly job. It is simple, effective and low cost

Buy a Ring Pull Can Opener see for your self.

2 responses to “Ring-pull can opener”

  1. F. Smith says:

    I fail to see how this can help people like me who haven’t the strength to pull the ring far enough to get at the contents. Surely all it does is lift the ring into the upright position? You’re still left with the problem of not having the strength to pull the ring all the way back across the can.

    • Hello Frank,

      If the lid is not pulled off completely, and that can happen sometimes, then the opening is big enough to shake out the contents such as kidney beans. If I cannot remove the lid of small tins such as tomato puree at least I can now scoop out the contents with a small spoon. Our tin opener does not like small tins

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