Something prevents a good sleep

Something prevents a good sleep

What is stopping my sleep?

It all started in the middle of last year, 2015, I had an appointment to see a urology consultant. I was having problems with leaking urine before I inserted a catheter to have a pee. Only very very occasionally was there a total disaster. Accidents do happen and very occasionally I have to change my jeans and underwear. Things can be a tad embarrassing when I have to do a quick shuffle to the loo. What was available to would make my life better. Could the answer be Botox?

I went to see the Urology consultant

For several weeks I had to keep a diary of what I drank, how much and at what time. I also had to keep a record of the frequency and volumes every time I had a pee. It was all a bit of a palaver and sometimes some guess work was necessary. Would you carry a measuring jug with you when you went to the loo in a pub or restaurant?

Alcohol or Caffeine

Eventually I was told that Botox was not the answer, my bladder was too well behaved.  The consultant suggested I give up caffeine and or alcohol. A tough one, I opted for caffeine. I had to change my prescription from ?Tolterodene to Tropsium Chloride, it helped. I was told to start Mirobegron if the problems started up again.

I took Tropsium Chloride for about 5 months then in January 2016 it all started to get messy again so I started on Mirabegron, another drug to treat an over active bladder.

Something prevents a good sleep

Ten days later I woke up after 6 hours sleep because I needed to go to the loo and the wee was an insignificant quantity. The problem was I could not go back to sleep. If I went to bed earlier I would still wake up after six hours sleep.

Soon it was after 5 hours sleep then it went down to 4 hours sleep. I would doze when I went back to bed but never a deep sleep.

I was not a happy bunny. In fact I was a bad tempered fractious bunny. Why was I not sleeping?


The big change was taking the Mirabegron.

I phoned up my MS Nurse who is highly practical. I explained the problem. She was as perplexed as me but told me to go back onto the slow release Tolterodene.

After ten days off the Mirabegron and Tropsium Chloride I was getting a full night’s sleep. Bliss!

28 February 2016

2 responses to “Something prevents a good sleep”

  1. John Cowburn says:

    Good to hear the outcome Patrick.

    You mentioned giving up alcohol or coffee. How does alcohol affect your symptoms? One medium glass of wine has a considerable effect on my balance and walking, and it acts quickly – within a few minutes! So I’ve cut down but not cut out completely as I do love my glass or two of Malbec with my evening meal!

    • Hello John,

      Ultimately I need BOTOX but its a matter of finding a bladder consultant who is more MS aware. I’m very relieved to be getting a reasonable night’s sleep once again.

      I have had to cut back on alcohol, mainly because the hangovers are a lot worse than they used to be and I need to drink less a get one. THe big change has been giving up caffeine it created havoc with my bladder. Expresso is now an oxymoron. but I do love to have the occasional one If I drink more than 2 pints of beer then the flood gates open.


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