Under & Over Rehabilitation Trial

under and over rehabilitation trial

Sewing with the underandover trial

This is an opportunity to check out if a daily 30 minute sewing exercise program can help with rehabilitation of arms, fingers and hands. This sounds absolutely ideal for me. Its called the Under & Over Rehabilitation trial. People take it for granted that they can write, use a cork screw or peel an onion. Imagine not being capable of doing these activities.

How might it help

I am losing the use of the fingers in my left hand and I am left handed. Regular exercise could possibly help to restore the use of my fingers. Perhaps I can start to write legibly or even twirl spaghetti round a fork again. I am very conscious of this problem. Its a hidden disability.

Regular exercises

Use it or lose it – how many times has someone said that to you? MS makes it more difficult for a message to pass from the brain and along the spinal cord. The result is that a muscle does not receive a proper message. Regular exercise could well improve the quality of the message that is received by the relevant muscle.

Neural plasticity

MS consultants are aware that one disability will lead onto further related disabilities. Frequently the patient is unaware until it is too late.

Under and Over rehabilitation trial

Regular exercise is an example of neural plasticity in action.  The human brain is able to adapt to change. It can master new skills, store memories and information and even accommodate to the damage caused by multiple sclerosis. The brain is never too old to lean new skills it just might take a bit longer.

When I complete the trial I will write another blog on my experiences.

Information about the trial

Check out the video for the underandover.study  Just scroll down on the screen.

Email address for the research team is under&[email protected]

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  1. Alison Watkins says:

    Please tell me more about this study.

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