Vegtrug Wall Hugger

The Vegtrug containers are ideal for someone who wants to grow vegetables, herbs or even flowering plants. The Vegtrug comes in two different lengths, Vegtrug 1m Wall Hugger (3ft 3″”) and Vegtrug 1.8m Wall Hugger (6′ 0″) and both of them are only 46 cm (18″) deep.

Vegtrug 1.8 M wall hugger

Vegtrug 1.8 M wall hugger

Ideal for narrow spaces

This Vegtrug is a narrow raised bed to use in the garden with one side against a wall. The design is an efficient use of space especially in a small garden.  Delivered as a flatpack it is easy to assemble and the build is solid.

Suitable for wheelchair users

The Vegtrug Wall Hugger is at a helpful height, 80 cm, (31 1/2″), this makes it very easy to use for someone sitting in a wheelchair, rollator or just an ordinary chair. I find it very difficult to work on the garden flowerbeds, I struggle to get down on my knees and then to get up aftewards is just as hard; it always makes me dizzy.

Vegtrug 1 M wall hugger

Vegtrug 1 M wall hugger

Vegtrug wall hugger

You could have a selection of annuals during the summer and herbs during the winter. Instead plant some bulbs to flower in the spring or could grow vegetables through out the year. The vegtrugs come with protectors for the feet and these will prevent the bases of the stand from rotting. A preformed membrane liner is included and this will aid water retention as well as stopping compost loss.

It comes as a flatpack, what doesn’t these days? After putting it together all you will now need is compost and plants.


  • The VegTrug will last for many years.
  • It has a solid, sturdy and robust construction and the wood has been treated with a vegetable-friendly stain.
  • It has protective plastic feet, which will stop the legs from drawing up water and then rotting
  • The easy working height is ideal for wheelchair users.
  • Each VegTrug comes with a purpose built, fitted membrane liner
  • Delivered flat packed, but it is very easy to assemble.

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