I wake up every night to visit the lavatory

I wake up every night to visit the lavatory

I wake up every night

I saw my MS consultant for the annual visit in November 2016. He asked me if there were any changes since my last visit to the clinic. I said to him “Now I wake up every night to visit the lavatory and have a tiny pee”‘

I wake up every night to have a pee

“Yes” I added, “It is really getting me down. I’m only sleeping for about 6 hours each night.”. I added, “To make things even worse it is only a tiny pee”.

He did not even pause.

He just said straight out “I will arrange for you to start a course of DDAVP or desmotabs” then he went on to add warnings and instructions.

“Is it really that simple?” I asked

He nodded

We then went on to talk about more general things

This included the frequency of my falls, the FES, my Travelscoot and the sponsored I km walk I did in September. I first started seeing him 20 years so we have a good relationship. He suggested the ASCEND and MS-SMART trial to me but that is another story.

I wake up every night to visit the laatory

My thoughts when I woke up

A few weeks later

A letter arrived from my consultant, copy for me and the original to my GP.  I fixed up an appointment with my Doctors surgery for a couple of days later.

I went in to see the doctor and talked about my visit to my MS consultant. After checking the magic book she wrote a prescription for desmotabs. They were given to me for a trial to see how I got on with them. The doctor said that I’m to take one about an hour before I go to bed.

First night I took one not really knowing what to expect


I slept straight through the night

Fell asleep at midnight and I woke up eight hours later. I had . None of that strange feeling of waking up and then realising I need to have a pee before I eventualy fall asleep. The 0.2 mg desmotab pill that I take every night has totally changed my life. It must have been 5 or 6 months since I last had an uninterrupted sleep through the night.

These pills are not addictive.

There is no need for me to change my way of life in any way. I don’t wake up to go to the loo. What is there not to like about them?

December 2016

4 responses to “I wake up every night to visit the lavatory”

  1. carole morris says:

    thanks patrick
    i will ask my gp for them.
    can’t remember my last full night’s sleep.
    carole x

  2. Judy says:

    This is really good to know! Happy New Year!

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