Walk the MS Mile. Video, Good Exercise For Me

Good exercise is something we all need to do. It gets those muscles working and it also makes me feel a whole lot better in mind and body. Since I signed up for the ‘Walk the MS Mile’ for the Chilterns MS Centre I have gone out nearly every day with my rollator pushing myself to walk the yards. I started training in early August and now it is the 8th September.

Walking is very good exercise

Walking is very good exercise

4 days to go and I can still only manage 3/4 of a mile. If you think that is bad then read on. This is the most exercise that I have taken on a regular basis for longer than I care to remember. Do I feel better for the daily walk? Undoubtedly yes.

I don’t get hot and sweaty

The benefits of exercise are not immediately obvious to me.

  • No sign of the six pack though I never did have one.
  • This is definitely not aerobic exercise so I don’t get breathless
  • I have come to the conclusion that the only way for me to lose weight is to eat less.
  • When I have finished I’m not in a sweat or red in the face

After the walk I know I have physically stretched myself because I feel knackered. I have to sit down and take a rest for about 30 minutes. There was an article in the papers only last week saying that a 25 minute brisk walk each day is very good for you. 25 minutes walking with slowly my rollator I can manage but no brisk walking.

MS fatigue

It is a very strange thing. Someone who does not understand MS and its effects would think I am putting on the look of exhaustion. That’s why its called MS fatigue. I really do feel dead on my feet when I have walked about 1300 yards.

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