Wooden Reading Rest

wooden reading rest

Wooden reading rest

I use the Wooden Reading Rest. it is very useful in the kitchen  The wooden reading rest can also be used as a book rest on a desk or table or when you are in bed. It is adjustable so you can set it any angle to suit you.

In the kitchen

When I am cooking in the kitchen I can now easily keep the cookery book open at the correct page and follow the recipe. Now the are no greasy fingermarks on the pages. Nor do I need to use flour coated hands to find the right page. Also the recipe book does not take up a flat surface. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth will clean it up afterwards if that is necessary.

The wooden reading rest

If you are reading at a desk then you do not need to look down at the book. Instead you can adjust the angle so that you feel comfortable using it.

Another aspect that I really like is that it is made of wood so it feels good to hold and handle. It looks good in any environment and it is not fussy.

When it is not in use then just simply fold it flat. In our house I store it on a shelf in the kitchen with the cookery books. The book rest is solidly made and cracking value for the money

Wooden reading rest, folded up

Wooden reading rest, folded up

Technical information

  • It folds flat for easy storage.

    wooden reading rest and a book

    wooden reading rest and a book

  • It is beautifully made from the wood of the Canadian Alder.
  • Weighs 750 gm (1 lb 12oz).
  • Approx Size when Flat : 34 cm x 24 cm  x 1.5 cm (1`3.5 in x 9.5 in x 0.5 in).

Some customer comments

  • A beautifully made and finished bit of kit and does what it is designed to do exceptionally well.
  • I bought this book rest for my mother, as she was finding it increasingly difficult to hold books – or even magazines – for any length of time without enduring arthritic pain in her hands.
  • I even use it to prop up my iPad alongside my computer when I am watching training videos on it so I can work on the computer at the same time.
  • After ‘google shopping’ alternative reading rests it was ‘a no-brainer’ ! .
  • If you are looking for a nicely finished and practical book rest, this is the perfect item.

Buy a Wooden Reading Rest now. Not only is it useful but I think it looks good as well.

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