Would  a spiky ball foot massage help me with my balance?

spiky ball foot massage

Sweet gum tree’s spiky ball, hanging loose

I was toppling onto the floor far too often and I could see a wheelchair hovering over me 🙁 So, I arranged to see a physiotherapist at the Chilterns MS Therapy centre. At the start of every appointment the physiotherapist massaged my feet and ankles with a spiky ball to improve my balance.  Would  a spiky ball foot massage help me with my balance?

Proof of the pudding is in the eating

MS affects my left arm and leg. Now I can barely write and cannot walk unaided. I bought three different sizes of spiky balls and spend about 10 minutes every morning rolling one of them all over both my legs, feet and ankles. They definitely help to ease my chronic foot drop and leg drop. At the same time my hands and fingers feel so much better just from rolling a ball around my legs.

Seen from an MS position

spiky ball foot massage

Pack of 3 Spiky balls, click on picture to buy

The spiky balls stimulate the proprioceptor nerves that send messages to the brain. These nerves help me keep my balance and stay on my feet. Proprioceptor nerves allow me to touch my nose while my eyes are shut. These sensory receptors are found on the skin, joints, and muscles.

People with MS suffer from stiff muscles. A spiky ball will help to ease the tension and maintain flexibility in the joints. Another advantage is an increase of blood supply to the muscles.

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spiky ball foot massage

Rolling foot over a spiky ball


In conclusion

A spiky ball foot massage is effective. It can reduce muscle pain and tension, and increase mobility by stimulating blood flow throughout the body. It makes joints more flexible and responsive. For someone with multiple sclerosis it ticks so many boxes.

Will a spiky ball foot massage help me?

The spiky balls are a life changer. They help me with my balance but I discovered another advantage quite by chance, Rolling the small ball over my hands and forearms means I am less clumsy. This means fewer broken cups and glasses 🙂

The wheelchair is now smaller and further away from me and I don’t fall over quite so often. I call that a wonderful result.

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September 2021

6 responses to “Would  a spiky ball foot massage help me with my balance?”

  1. Mal Kiely says:

    Hiya. I had one of those spiky balls, but I lost it at one of my last music gigs… it was an outdoors country gig, and a dog ran off with it [laffs]! I really should get another one – thanks for reminding me.
    I use a round ‘squishy ball for my hands, which are numb thru #MS… seems to help me.

  2. David Walker says:

    Interesting, my wife (ex-nurse) is of the opinion that it is also related to acupuncture.
    It may be worth your while to check out other sources, the one you have linked to seems rather costly!
    Try this:

    • Hello David,

      it is necessary to be trained to practice acupuncture. My knowledge of acupuncture is sketchy but I think the needles need to be applied in specific places. The spiky balls really are quite different, virtually anyone can use them. The aim is to stimulate blood flow to the muscles and make the proprioception nerves fireAnd thus keep them active.

      Yes I’m sure they can be bought cheaper elsewhere, I think that applies to most things. I am an Amazon Associate, If you buy something on Amazon through my website then I receive a very small commission but it is no more expensive than if you buy directly. I also think that the Amazon System for purchasing s not surpassed by any other website

  3. Sian Roberts says:

    Hi Patrick
    Sounds great – worth a try anyway. I’ll let you know how I get on!
    You had also persuaded me to look into the possibility of replacing my Kymco with a Travelscoot – until I saw the photo. How do you get off it?! It’s probably great for flat town pavements but not so great for the countryside!



    • Hello Sian,

      The spiky balls with you do make a big difference. If I roll a small one around my fingers and hands were a few minutes then do the Nine Hole Peg test then my time is consistently 20% lower than without using the spiky will. The long-term affect is to stimulate blood supply to the muscles and get the nerves firing.

      No small lightweight mobility scooter is designed for countryside use. The diameter of the wheels is too small, there is insufficient clearance and they are not really stable enough. Getting on and off the TravelScoot is fairly straightforward for me. I apply the brakes and then lift my right foot over the A frame and sit on the seat.

      I look forward to hearing how you get on with the spiky balls.

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