by Patrick Burke on March 30, 2012

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It will offer you independence and improve the quality of your life

Travelscoot is a lightweight mobility scooter and it has given me freedom and independence..



I suspect you have no idea what I am talking about. It has a range of about 8 miles and a top speed of 4 mph and is an innovative design. It weighs 18 Kg, turns on a sixpence, easily folded up, it fits into the boot of any car. It is fun to ride and does not brand you as being disabled. It can easily carry your shopping or a small piece of luggage.


I now have a new Travelscoot. It is basically the same as this one. The improvements are as follows

  • much improved braking system
  • motor is now an integral part of the rear wheel
  • it can go in reverse

I’m not allowed to drive, it gives me independence

Until the summer of 2010 I had never heard of a Travelscoot. I happened to see one in Chichester and had a long chat with the gentleman who owned it. When I got back home I looked it up on the Internet and wanted to find out more.  After trying one out and doing some homework I decided to buy one. I suffer from multiple sclerosis (thats me in the video) and as a result I cannot walk more than a few hundred metres and that has to be on the flat.  Also I’m not allowed to drive because of poor peripheral vision.

Travelsccot, rearview showing the drivebelt. now superceded

Travelsccot, rearview showing the drivebelt. now superceded

Good design and build

The Travelscoot has turned out to be an extremely good buy. When I go to London I take it on the train and once in London I can ride it from Euston Station to the City or West End. I can easily take it on London buses. It can fit in a London taxicab without folding it up.

For a time I was working in the Channel Isles; at the airport I would check-in my baggage, ride my Travelscoot to the aeroplane, fold it up and give it to the baggage handlers. At the destination it was unloaded and I would then ride it from the plane, to pick up my baggage.

So lets talk about the nitty-gritty – a lot of careful thought has gone into the design and construction of the Travelscoot.  It is well built and I am sure it will be long lasting.  It uses a dry-cell battery, the type you have in your laptop, this is one of the reasons why it is so light.



Travelscoot when folded up. It would fit into a large golfbag

Travelscoot when folded up. It would fit into a large golfbag

I do think there are one or two little things that let it down, for example the instructions to maintain the brakes are almost non existent. The bell has a very feeble ring and it is easily broken. Do remember it is a three wheeler with quite a high centre of gravity so if you take a corner too fast you could come a cropper and when going up a hill you must lean forward.

When you first get one it is very easy to have a silly accident.  In case you are wondering I did have a couple of silly accidents when I first bought it but I’m a safer driver these days. One big advantage, a tool kit is supplied when you buy a Travelscoot so you can do servicing yourself.  It is worth knowing that the brake cables and adjusatments can be replaced at any shop that services bicycles.

There now is an updated version.

It has reverse gear, more efficient  brakes and the motor is an integral part of one of the rear wheels therefore the drive belt is no longer required. The last improvement is very good. Snow and rotting leaves caused three drive belts on my scooter to distort and then break. The brakes have changed. Rather than being a metal plate that was pulled against the wheel there is now a sort of drum brake. Sadly I cannot be more spcific than that. I will photograph a colleague’s mobility scooter, new model, and post the pictures on the website. This will happen in early May Instead I bought a new frame,to find out more follow this link my new Travelscoot

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