My New Travelscoot

I received my new Travelscoot mobility scooter frame a few days ago. It is the  lightest folding mobility scooter, only weighs 18 Kg. I was really looking forward to trying it out. The new Travelscoot model has reverse gear and drum brakes but it has retained the ‘A frame’ design. The innovative unique hinge means it can fold down to the size of a large golf bad. Last but not least the Travelscoot is such great fun to ride.

First of all take a look at this video of the travelscoot. It was filmed in the summer 2014. I received the new Travelscoot in May 2014.

My new Travelscoot

My new Travelscoot

I had been using the old Travelscoot for about 3 years. I will transfer the seat, front wheel and batteries onto the new frame.

To summarise

The old Travelscoot definitely looked like a loved and cherished item. Tyre treads worn, mud splattered, seat held together by black tape. No idea how many hours use I had clocked up. I had used it every day, Without it my independence would be lost.

Got double vision, cann’t drive

In case you didn’t know I’m not allowed to drive, double vision is not a good idea especially if you are moving at speed. OK, you can use one eye but then you cannot gauge distances. The DVLC not to mention insurance companies are not terribly keen on people with double vision. It’s so much safer for everyone if I don’t drive.

Motor is in the reel wheel and the disc brakes

Motor is in the reel wheel and the disc brakes

My new Travelscoot

So what’s so good about the new Travelscoot? The three big changes are drum brakes, getting rid of the drive belt and reverse gear. The previous Travelscoot did not like going backwards. The brakes were simplistic, a piece of metal for each wheel that was squeezed against the tire when the brakes were applied. The brake plates wore down, all in all a fairly primitive mechanism. The drum brakes are much more efficient.

Good news

Getting rid of the drive belt must be good news. The first time I had to change the drive belt took me nearly 3 hours; last time only 25 minutes. Snow, slush or old wet leaves were a recipe for disaster and a new drive belt.

Even more good news

Reverse gear is not something that I have needed to use so far. It will come into its own when using a small lift. What it does mean though is that it is much easier to move the Travelscoot backwards for example when taking it out of a London taxi cab.

Its gets better and better

The new Travelscoot does not go any faster than the old one but the motor is definitely more powerful. Suddenly my batteries are not lasting so long. Where I live there is a 75 yard steep slope between the house and the main road. A more powerful motor means that you can go up the hill faster but then you gobble up more battery power.

Going uphill

I am a bit of a boy racer. My batteries on the new Travelscoot last half as long as on my previous trusted steed. The only reason is that I go up the road to the house as fast as I can and the more powerful motor drains the energy more quickly. I have not actually put this to the test but thas is an instinctive explanation.

The dreaded drive belt has been eliminated

The dreaded drive belt has been eliminated

Free wheeling

Another difference, when I leave the house and go down the slope my new Travelscoot freewheels faster than the old one. You wanna stop so you apply the brakes. Do it too suddenly the wheels lock and you go into a skid. Just gotta be gentle.

Not such good news

The Owner’s Manual for the Travelscoot still leaves quite a lot to be desired. The information can be found but you must read every word. A picture of it going up a slope with the rider leaning forward would be very useful. No mention of how easy it is to do a wheelie, accidentally or on purpose. What happens if you drive over an area covered with snow, wet leaves or gravel? My only advice is DON’T. One other thing, the supplied bell is pathetic, man up and get a better one.

Its a great bit of kit

I am being picky with my criticisms. I do think it is a wonderful Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery powered lightweight mobility scooter; possibly the best on the market.  I do not feel at all disabled when I am riding it and other people that I have spoken to who own one feel the same as myself.

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May 2014

165 responses to “My New Travelscoot”

  1. Ashley says:

    Any available for sale? I can’t find any anymore!

  2. John says:

    H Patrick,
    I really enjoyed your review on the famous Travelscoot. I have been housebound for five years through being stubborn. It’s took me until a month ago to admit I need to use a mobility scooter. The wheelchair that arrived five years ago has sat in the corner or my hallway like an unwelcome guest. I now really want a Travelscoot. Especially after reading your inspiring review. So I’m now on the look out for one. Thank you for your inspiration and keep the good work up

    • Hello John

      The TravelScoot is unique and I love it.

      Since Brexit the TravelScoot landscape has changed significantly. Their head office is in Germany. There is now a UK outlet where a new TravelScoot can be bought but the after sales service is lacking. I recently discovered to my horror the cost of shipping my TS back to Germany was £250, an electrical fault needed to be investigated. Mechanical repairs can be done at a good bicycle repair shop.

      Check out my recent blog post

  3. Chris says:

    Travelscoot are available in the UK from

  4. Amanda says:

    Thank you Patrick.
    I’m happy I came across your video and comments.
    Being cautious makes sense. Your thread talks about going on flat surfaces. Here the roads/pavements are often uneven. Do you think it would cope with that kind of surface?
    I saw a lot of people asking if there were people local to them to try one out. I live in Colombia so I don’t expect you’ll know of people here but my family lives in France and I’ll be there in October. Do you have any contacts in France? I will also reach out to the Munich office, they might know of people.
    Thank you,

  5. Amanda says:

    Hello – thank you for the video. I have MS and struggle to walk. I love the idea of the Travelscoot as it’s so small and lightweight. I worry about it being only 3 wheels. I fear it’d be easy to tip. Does anyone have any experience with that?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Amanda,

      The stability issue will exist in all folding lightweight mobility scooters. You just got to avoid being a boy racer, take care when going round a corner and serious bumps. In reality its a lot like riding a three wheeled bike and remember you can use your feet as stabilisers

  6. bob gramkowski says:

    I was hoping someone found a cost effective place to get bags for the battery’s. or any other helpful info on my question

  7. bob gramkowski says:

    I am in the US and have two questions on the old style travelscoot and the old style battery’s.
    1. is there anywhere I can get a new canvas bag for the older style battery, we need two bags.
    2. also looking for either a carrying case for two batteries to use to carry the extra battery onto a airplane or the extra shelf for the scooter that would hold the 2nd battery on each scooter, both myself & wife each have a travelscoot.

  8. Alex Bluffield says:

    Hi Patrick thank you for the helpful and informative review. I am looking at purchasing one for my partner. Is there anywhere in the UK that sells them or has one to try out?

    • Hello Alex,

      There is a shop in England that sells some, here is the link Less expensive is to buy directly from Germany, here is the link,

      Travelscoot might know someone near you, ring or email them. I live in SW Herts and you are welcome to try out mine.

      They are amazing mobility scooters and I think the best on the market.

      If you need any more advice give me a shout.

  9. Alan Spivack says:

    The connector between the Li battery and the Scoot my has broken. Does anyone know wher I can get replacement. It’s only about 6 months old?

  10. Celine says:

    I may have posted this already… apologies if so, but I’m looking to buy a Travelscoot and wondered if anyone had one they’d like to sell. Many thanks!

  11. Sonia says:

    I have deluxe travel scoot that I barely used and wanted to sell it. I purchased it for 2500.00 but I like to sell it for 1000.00, please let me know if you are interested.

  12. Cheryl Sparacio says:

    My best recommendation to anyone looking to purchase a used TravelScoot is to not be afraid to purchase an older belt driven model. I have the older belt driven model as well as the most recent model and there are pros and cons to both, and love my old scooter every bit as much as the newer one.. New parts to repair the scooters are reasonably priced, and easy to put on with instructionsl video’s on youtube. So if you get an opportunity to purchase the older model, don’t pass on it because it’s belt driven. It will still be the best purchase you’ve ever made.

    • Hello Cheryl,

      interesting to find out that videos are available on YouTube to repair the TravelScoot. My next blog on air travel with a TravelScoot might interest you going out sometime next week. The old belt driven model is certainly cheaper but I’m not so keen when the belt breaks or on the brakes. I think the newer model has a more reliable breaking system.

  13. Fidders says:

    Hello I live in the north west and looking for a scoot anybody locally selling TIA

  14. jozeelee says:

    Please contact me, June Ann Wain if your TravelScoot is still for sale.
    Thanks very much.

  15. jozeelee says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a TravelScoot if anyone (June 27??) has one for sale?
    Thank you.

  16. june ann wain says:

    Can you give me some idea of how much I can ask for a second hand travelscoot with lithium battery, It is 4 years old but only used three times. My husband can no longer use it.

  17. Kay McAnally says:

    I live in Ireland. Does anyone know of a lightly used Travelscoot for sale in Ireland? Thanks!

  18. Julie Phillips says:

    Hi could you tell me where in wales or the UK I could buy one of these scooters please and also the price please

    • ~Hello Julie,

      There is a Travelscoot for sale. To find out details about this particular Travelscoot please send an email to [email protected]

      The main European office is in Munich. The website address is the email address is [email protected] and the phone number is +49-89-57951906. Talk to them, thety may well be able to put you in touch with someone someone who lives near by and owns one. You can pay for one over the phone and it takes about three days to be delivered. If you do decide to buy one then do not to tell them you are disabled.

  19. Alan Stancombe says:

    Does anyone have a travelscoot for sale in the North East of England please?

    • Hello,

      I will mention your request in my next email that I hope to issue next week. I must warn you that a second hand Travelscoot does not crop up very often and they do seem to hold their value.

      There is one for sale in the Cardiff area but it has to be collected by the buyer.

      Good luck

  20. Hiya,
    The Travelscoot can easily be charged in the car. You just need a 12v to 240v inverter that plugs into the ciggi lighter. I travel round France a lot in a motorhome, very rarely use campsites so rarely have access to 220/240v mains. Worked for me for thd past 6 or 7 years charging both the old 284Wh and the bigger 420Wh batteries.

  21. Louise Williamson says:

    May be a silly question but I will ask it Can you charge the battery up in the car?

    • Hello,

      I think that is a sensible question. Sadly no it is not possible. I will write to Travelscoot and find out if might be possible.

      • Alex Fagg says:

        Presumably you charge your battery with a supplied charger which you plug in the mains as I do with the lithium battery on my di blasi r30. If you buy an inverter which you plug into your car cigarette lighter you can the plug your charger into this which puts out 250v.I use this with no problems. Hope this helps.

        • Hello,

          Someone has recently sent me details of an inverter so I can charge my battery via a car cigarette lighter. From a personal point of view I do not drive and I’m always at home before the battery needs recharging. It certainly seems like a good idea but I would like to test one out first of all

  22. madelaine hutchin says:

    Hi Patrick, I have been looking at your posts and utube video. I would like to look at a travel scoot as I think this is the answer to my disability. But I am reluctant to buy one without viewing it. I live on the south coast. Do you know if there is any where or anyone who has a travel scoot I could look at in the Sussex Hampshire area. Thanks Madelaine

    • Hello,

      Your best bet is to contact Travelscoot dirext, they will give you references sites. Their phone number is 00-49-89-5795-1906 They are closed on Tuesday 15 August. If its anyhelp I live in South West Herts, in the Chilterns.

      Good luck

      • Lesley curtis says:

        I will have a travel scoot for sale soon. My mum died in September 2014, and she had purchased one when diagnosed with cancer. She took it Tenerife , and that’s about it really. It had very little use, as she could still drive. It’s been in storage since she died, and we are charging battery soon, and giving a test. Anyone interested can comment. I live in Broadstairs in Kent.

    • lesley says:

      I still have my mums almost new travelscoot for sale. We are in Kent, but my dad is willing to deliver for petrol money.
      Patrick has link to my e mail, and I think he has photos and info on his blog. Regards

  23. Ryan Green says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Thank you again for posting about trying out someones Travelscoot in the M25 junction 5/6 area. No joy yet, but I wonder if you or anyone else has some advice. I’m 6ft 2. Will I be OK with the Travelscoot? Are there any other tall users out there?

    Thank you and anyone else in advance.


    • Hello,

      I’m 6ft tall sand have no problem with height using the Travelscoot. The height of the seat can be adjusted using spacers that are supplied.

      Sadly my Travelscoot was hihacked by some joyriders who threw it over a hedge and slightly bent the front column and now I cannot extend it. If I was any taller then I would have problems going round sharp corners.

      • Ryan Green says:

        Thanks for that Patrick. Good to know. Sorry to hear about the joyriders…..very annoying for you.

  24. Vernon Turner says:

    Hi Patrick.
    I have followed all yours and other’s Travelscoot comments plus your videos with great interest. I feel this scooter is the one for me. One question if you can advise? Is there a facility, either on the handlebar or the battery itself to know how much power is remaining? Many thanks and regards.

  25. Jane Cant says:

    Can someone tell me if the TS is meant to have screws to hold the tightening brackets on as I seem to have lost all of them if indeed they existed

  26. Rachael says:

    After several years of dithering I have just purchased a TS and used it for the fist time for a city break with the family – I should have bought it sooner as it completely changed my outlook – no more missing out on things because I’d run out of legs! If you are considering it my advice is just do it!

  27. Len says:

    Many travelscoot reviews on the link below.

  28. Len says:

    I’m on my second TS over a six year period.
    Very happy with Scoot, been flying, cruising, you name it.
    Sturdy and reliable. Search Elizabeth’s blog in USA very interesting many photos.

    • Hello Len,

      The TS has revolutionised my life. I’m also on my second one

    • Jim says:

      Len, what happened to your first scooter? Did it get damaged or wear out? I’m wondering how long I can expect mine to last.

      • Jim says:

        And Patrick, my question is for you too.

        • Hello Jim,

          I was not overly fond of the old fashioned brake, a piece of metal squeezed against the wheel and the friction stopping the movement. I live on a hill and was not happy so I changed the frame. The new one was taken by joyriders. When I got it back there was some damage so the old one was cannibalized for new footrests

  29. Hello Lesley,

    Not to sure what response you will get here, nothing ventured nothing gained but I have put a note in my weekly email that goes out, should be at about 6pm on Sunday evening, 29 Jan. This url might help

    I hope you find each other

  30. Sue Allen says:

    Help please. I am getting my scooter ready for use, but cannot secure the seat. Have put the upsidedown U bit to secure the forks (do not know correct terminology!) but when I put the seat on and tighten the clip, the seat still moves around. Is it supposed to do this or should it be solid and if so, what am I doing wrong please.

    • Hello Sue,

      There is a simple solution. Release the clip that fastens the seat onto the top of the U tupe. On the clip you will see a lille part that is on a screw thread. This increases or reduces the tension of the clamp clip. Tighen or loosen the screw bit so the clamp, when closed, is secure enough to stop the seat rotating but not so tight that you csnnot close the clamp. The are three clamps on the Travelscoot that work like this. You will need to set all three so the tension is correct.

      Good luck.

  31. Babs Towish says:

    Hello, I have Primary Progressive MS and mobiity probs and am keen to buy a Travelscoot, I live in Devon – does anyone know of a Travelscoot I can view in the West Country before I buy?

    • Hello Babs,

      It might be worth contacting Travelscoot (00-49-89-57951906) and ask if there is anyone near to where you live who could give you a trial ride. You do need to be aable to sit on a chair with no arms and lift one foot at least 18 inches/50 cm. Also you need to be able to take a few steps. It is not good on wet grss or bumpy surfaces but that applies to any small wheeled mobility scooter. It is very simple to ride but like anything there is a bit of a learning curve.

      They are on holiday from 22/08 until 02/09.

      Good luck, it really is a life changer

    • Paula N says:

      Hi, I have a new one for sale. It’s only been used 3 times. It’s a TRAVELSCOOT DELUXE Airtraveler Lithiumbatt 283 Wh FULL SIZED. It’s practical and great fun!!

      • Hello Paula,

        Can I suggest you send me more details such as photo of it, brief description, your approximate location, whether its colletion only etc. No phone number only emauil address, price is optional. I will write a brief article and post it. That will increase the visibility.


      • Terence Price says:

        Is it still for sale? Where do you live? Is it collection only?

      • Eileen says:

        Hi has this been sold ?

        • Hello Eileen,

          I’m afraid so 🙁 The asking price was the price paid for it. Why not contact Travelscoot direct Adi Maislinger Str. 7, München 81373, Germany. Telephone 00-49-89-57951906

          Here is the website

          Good luck

          • Elizabeth says:

            I have a deluxe travelscoot for sale as I no longer need a scooter bought it last year hasn’t been used daily. I reupholstered the seat to make it very comfortable as the original seat was too uncomfortable, had this professionally done earlier in year. I live in Galashiels (Scottish Borders) if anyone is intersted mail me will send you pictures.

          • Hello Liz,

            It would be much better if you could sent me a picture or two of the scooter. Also need to now if you need it to be collected or you will deliver. Someone in Wales might be interested so it will need to be despatched. It will take a long time to ride it down there 🙂 I do not need phone number. If you want you could let me know how much you want for it.

            I will write a brief article and post it on my website. Nothing fancy but that way there is a much better chance that people will see there is one for sale.

            Hope that helps

          • Simon Everett says:

            Does Elizabeth, in Galashiels still have her Travelscoot for sale? Very interested

          • Hello Simon,

            Sorry, its been sold

      • Kathy says:

        What is the price?

  32. Amber moggie says:

    Hi I am looking to purchase a Travelscoot . Does anyone have one for sale please? I am Lancashire/Cumbria border but willing to travel. Thank you

  33. stephen yeomans says:

    I purchased my travelscoot last summer without seeing one. Not easy as it is a lot of money. It is not the scooter for every situation or everybody but I am delighted with mine.
    I live in North Devon and my email is [email protected] I would be delighted to show it to anyone who wants to try before buy.

    • I agree, buying one blind id a bit of a leap into the unknown. I try to answer the obvious questions in my articles. Basically you must stick to the pavement, its is not as precarious as you might think and compared to other light weight scooters it is not expensive. Don’t forget you get 20% off if you are disabled.

      Many thanks for that offer for other people to see it, I do hope other people in the area thinking of buying one will take you up on the offer.


  34. Barrie Paige says:

    Hi Patrick,

    My wife found your blog/thread & left it on screen, so I thought I would offer my few penny worth. I have had a Mk 1 T/scoot for several years, used lightly at airports when making annual visit to southern Africa or to make a nuisance of myself if forced to go shopping. Last year I had a problem persuading Qatar Airways that the Li-Ion battery at 283 Watt/hours can be carried as hand baggage under a clause of IATA regulations on dangerous cargos. The clause is specifically included to apply to Travelscoots & can be found at

    In the end I had to remind them of their obligations under the UK Equality Act 2010, after which they could not have been more helpful. This year The Management decided we should fly with Etihad Airways & South African Airways & in spite of contacting them 3 months in advance of travel, I still wasted a couple of hours at the airport going through the same performance, while the check-in supervisor passed it all on by phone to someone in Abu Dhabi. When we arrived at our final destination (Windhoek, Namibia) my Travelscoot was missing & a “helper” turned up at the aircraft with a broken wheelchair. When asked what I should do, he merely pointed at the line of passengers walking to the Arrivals Hall & indicated that I should follow on foot. My Travelscoot was delivered to me two days later with significant damage, having obviously been dropped from a great height. This is the last time I will allow it to be ticketed through to the final destination. In future I will hand it over (without the Li-Ion battery, that must have the terminals insulated & be carried in a special container as hand baggage) only at the departure gate & require that it is given back to me at the aircraft door on arrival at each airport in turn.

    • Hello Barrie,

      I have taken the Travelscoot on numerous European flights without any problem, I justs pop the battery into hand luggage as it is, no need to package it or insulate it. I always ride it up to the airplane and ride it from the airplance. Really it is treated in the same way as a monther would do with a buggy.

      I have found that it gives me my independence. I often take it to London on trains and use the buses with it. So many people are impressed. The design and quality of buid are impressive. I am surprised it was damaged. I suppose nearly anything can be damaged if the point of impact is incorrect. Out of interest did you receive any redompense from the airline?

      It is well worth considering the newer model. It has much better brakes and the motor is in the rear wheel so the stretchy drive band is a thing of the past. Also it has reverse gear but I rarely use it.

      Good luck,


      • Barrie Paige says:

        Hi again, Patrick,

        Either you have been very lucky or I have been most unlucky. Every time I’ve taken the Travelscoot by air, the Li-ion battery has been an issue. I delayed one flight by half an hour while the ground staff located a special case for it. That’s why I now have my own. If they don’t know about the IATA dangerous cargo rules there is no problem. If they fully understand them, also no prob. Some know that the general rule for Li-ion batteries is 160watt/hours max but don’t know about the specific exemption for Travelscoots & then there can be difficulties. It has become more of an issue following a number of recent dangerous incidents involving undeclared Lithium batteries.

        It can be useful to carry a copy of the IATA rules covering battery-powered wheelchairs (collapsible) but the link I gave seems to have disappeared. I have also suggested to Travelscoot that they produce a label for the battery showing that it is 283w/h & approved for air trnsport. If other users did the same, it might encourage Hardy & Brandt to do something.

        I don’t anticipate any problem getting compensation from the airline for the damage. A combination of a barrister son & long experience of working with the media should encourage a helpful response.

        • Hi,

          I will give HArdy and Brandt a timelt kick. There might be a note in the instructions that come with the Travelscoot, got to check.

          When travelling by air I also have to take a mecical note cos I use a Functional Elsectrical Stinulator with a 9 volt battery and wires see It is a little electrical device that stimulates leg muscles because I have foot drop. There is damage to spnal cord because of MS, it stops nervous stimulation going from brain to the muscles. Instead the stimulus gets to muscles from the device via sticky electrodes on the skin.

  35. John Cowburn says:

    Hi Patrick

    How long does the charge last for the TravelScoot in normal use? Also how stable is it? I presume it is unable to go on rough ground.


    • It will do about 8 – 10 miles but distance will depend upon weight, flatness of terrain, even-ness of paths etc. I charge it up every night and never exhausted the battery in a day

      You need to learn to ride it , the same with a bike. Be careful with adverse camber, going up hills etc. It does have a highish centre of gravity. Basically you soon learn what is liable to make it tip over.

      No it is not designed for going off-piste such as muddy path, gravel, snow or wet grass. Providing the surface is firm and quite level then it is OK

      I would not be without mine, Given me independence. Travelling with my Travelscoot by train down to Lonndon to give a talk at City University. It even fits into a Black Cab, very useful.

      Just improved the menu options, have you noticed? Gradually going through and checking pictures and quality of blogs, very big project

      • John Cowburn says:

        Thanks for the update Patrick on the Travelscoot! Yes the Menu options are working well.
        Do you have to order the Travelscoot direct from Germany? Also what’s the full cost in £’s, can’t find a price list minus the VAT?

        • Phone up Travelscoot in Germany, number on Say you want VAT exemption, itts 20% off list price. Get price in Euros and convert. Pay over the phone using debit/credit cad. Please metion website or my name so they know how you found out about it.

  36. John Hallam says:

    TravelScoot Deluxe
    I live in Cwmbran South Wales U.K & l wish to view a Travelscoot Deluxe machine.Does anybody have one I can look at or a company that sells them in the area.


  37. David Garnett says:

    Hello. I am wondering if anyone near me in Newark, Nottinghamshire, has a travel scoot they could show me?

    I am interested in buying one, but not unseen.

    Many thanks,
    David G

    • Hello,

      I do not know addresses of other Travelscoot users cos I do not work for the company. Contact, they might have some reference people you could contact. Come over to SW Herts (8 miles from junction 20 of the M25) and look at mine. Also look on Youtube, lots of clips there for Travelscoot

  38. stephen yeomans says:

    thanks. the plate option looks good if the need arises. my right leg jumps. (i too, have to lift my leg for everything) trying to get in touch with travelscoot re the nearest person who owns one. One reviewer could not get on at all with the scoot because of the peg and the way his ms affected his leg.

  39. stephen yeomans says:

    thanks; I just need to try it; I am a little concerned that my right leg will not stay on a peg within a few months.


    • Hi there,

      There is a plate option, take a look on te website. What exactly are you worried about with regards to your right leg? I have bad foot drop and leg drop and have to manually left my leg up onto the foot rest. Once it is there everything is OK. It might look primitive but actually the arrangement for the footrests seems to work really well.

  40. stephen yeomans says:

    got in a muddle with the ms site. left a posting with no message; apparently there for evermore!

    do you know of anyone in cornwall devon somerset dorset that owns a travelscoot and could I contact them


    stephen (secondary progressive)

    • Hi,

      Sorry, I cannot help you. suggest you ring Travelscoot in Munich and see if they can help. Office is in Munich, here is the phone number +49-89-57951906. Website is

  41. setareh says:

    does anyone know if the battery charger is included with the purchase of travelscoot deluxe? thanks

    • Hello,

      When you buy a Travelscoot you get everything you need to go out. Supplied are a canvas bag to put into he A frame, battery charger, seat and a bag to put it in when travelling

      I hope you enjoy using it,


  42. Ann says:

    I am very interested In purchasing a travel scoot and wondered if anyone in the Glasgow/ Edinburgh area has one so that I could see it to see it and see if it meets my requirements.

    • LizzieBee says:

      Hi I have a travelscoot for sale it’s the deluxe air traveller only bought it beginning of April and used once weekly maybe twice to go round shops. Did you find one yet as I live in Scottish Borders?

  43. Julian Chambers says:

    I am looking for a second hand Travelshoot. If any UK based owners want to sell please get in touch

    • LizzieBee says:

      Hi did you find one for sale as I have one for sale it’s 4 months old and the deluxe air traveller im looming fir £1200 with it being do new it’s mo surplus to requirement I’m walking 🙂

      • Sue says:

        Where are you and do you still have the travel scoot as I am very interested if you are in UK I can ring you if you give me your tel number thanks

  44. Julian Chambers says:

    I am looking for a second hand Travelscoot. If any UK owners want to sell one please get in touch

  45. Cindy says:

    Hi Patrick,

    How are you?
    I inadvertently on the Internet search to your website, I think you are a great person, but also a strong optimism, people who love life, you are a person full of positive energy. I really like your site.
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  46. Paul says:

    If you’re in the UK you might find Robin’s blog about importing and using the Travelscoot in the UK useful.

  47. Kate Catleugh says:

    I am very keen on getting a TravelScoot, but must test whether I can actually liftit into my car. I need to find someone who has one and is reasonably local to me; I live in London SW15. I have e-mailed TravelScoot in Munich twice now but have not received a reply. Their website is pretty informative and gives good descriptions and prices etc. But I am so old and rickety (though young in heart) that I dare not order without actually trying out whether I can manage it. If anyone can help/advise, please do.
    Kate Catleugh

    • Peter Andrews says:

      Hello Kate
      I am thinking of buying a travelscoot and wondered if you found anyone living in the London area who had one
      That you could look at

      • Give me a couple of days and I might be able to help. I know of at least 2 Travelscoot owners in London and I live a few miles north of Watford

        • Laura Davis says:

          Hi Patrick

          I’m thinking of buying a travelscoot too, if I can get to see one, I also live in the Watford area. Is there any chance of popping round one Saturday?


          Laura Davis

          • Hello Laura,

            I’m sorry it has taken so long to reply. THe last two weeks I have been away or out of circulation. You can pop round at a mutually suitable time, the best bet is to drop me an email, [email protected], or give me a ring, 07947 024691

            I look forward to hearing from you


  48. pam says:

    Hi, can you give me any details about the battery? They are so expensive! Hope to find alternative source.

    • The owner does not use two words where one will do. The only information I can provide is as follows Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack 24V 10Ah.

      It can be taken onto an aircraft so that controls the quantity of Li-Ion.

      Any Li-Ion battery will be expensive, I am afraid that is life.b Sorry to be so useless.

  49. Angela Turpin says:


    Please can you let me know where and how I can test a Travel scoot. I have finally come round to the idea of having a scooter. I need to be able to lift it as it will need to live in my car. Also how much do they cost?
    Thank you

    • Hello Angela,

      This was buried and has only just come to light. You need to contract [email protected] or go to the website They are based in Munich and cost about £1400 but this depends upon the exchange rate and whether or not you pay VAT.

      They weigh about 18KG and are very reliable. Any good quality bicycle repair shop will be able to help you with the brakes if required. Just don’t go out in pouring rain, drive through big puddles or go off piste. My advice, stay on pavements

      Good luck,


  50. Chris says:

    Yes, I got one of these great scooters on Patrick’s advice a few months ago. It comes boxed from Germany. It’s easy to assemble. I keep it in the boot of my car and can easily assemble it when I get to a destination..

    I have just had a small problem with it – my foot slipped and I broke the plastic cover over some cable joints just where the two wheel bars meet at the handle stick. I have written to Hardy to get a new one. I also discovered that one of the cable joints had a break in a wire. My bike repair shop said that that cable was the control that turns off the motor when you apply the break. Does anyone else know about this? Anyway, the scooter works fine even with this broken wire.

    • Hi,

      Pleased it is a success. It does make sense to turn the motor off when you apply the brakes and throttle is on, first I’ve heard about this issue. Don’t fix it if it works.

  51. patricia marietta says:

    please e*mail a copy of the picture and description to my 2 friends that also need the travelscoot
    there are
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    please tell me where I can purchase a travelscoot in the usa

    thank you

    pat Marietta
    [email protected]

  52. Antony Elliott says:

    I have both a large scooter for daily use (too big for the car) and a TravelScoot for foldup use in the car.
    It is the earlier model, belt drive, etc., but nevertheless a pleasure to ride locally for shopping. It dismantles easily into several pieces. I still have to instruct my wife which buttons to push and what goes where, even after five years! However, I would be lost without it and thoroughly recommend the machine. Do go for the Lithium Ion battery. In fact I bought an extra one that sits on top of the first one, so that when one gets very low, I just switch terminals. The Lithium batteries are not cheap but give excellent service. Mine are five years old and still going strong!!

  53. Peter Comber says:

    Please, please please can you let me know where can one buy this lovely scooter. I have aPride Go-Go scooter at present which is quite useful and breaks-apart and lives in the boot of our Ford Fiesta. This Travelscooter seems even lighter, what is the weight to gauge lifting it in and out of the Fiesta boot? What are the folded dimensions to see if it will fit the Fiesta boot? please.

    Kind regards

    Peter Comber

    • Hello Peter,

      To buy it goto Give themn a ring in Munich and talk to them or maybe email them first. Once bought it takes about 5 working days to get to the UK. You get a tracking ID so you can see how far it is from your homeIt weighs about 18 Kg and folds down to the size of a large golfbag. I do not know the exact size when folded down I’m sure it would fit into the boot of a Ford Fiesta. It is very easdy to fold up and also esy to lift into a train or get onto a bus.

      Please mention my name to Treavelscoot but that will not get you a reduction. I really do think it is a fantastic mobility scooter. You do not feel disabled when riding it and there is somewhere to put your shopping. I have taken it on air flights but you must declare the Lithium Ion battery

      Good luck. Patrick

      • Avril says:

        Hi Patrick,
        I am a travelscoot user,(Nov. 2010) after I helped Hardy get VAT registered to enable UK resident disabled get the VAT exempt declaration reduction. Ha! No! like you, I did or do not get any different treatment or reductions than anyone else. What I am interested in is that you mention getting a “new frame”? and using your original seat etc… did this work out cheaper than buying the whole package again? or did you buy the whole package?
        Kind regards,

      • Charlie Brown says:

        Hi Patrick I am trawling the internet trying to get some help with Travelscoot…………I have owned one for about four years now which I bought second hand but nearly new. I ordered a new Lithium battery from Germany on the 29th 2015 and I was told it would be shipped on 1st June. I heard nothing and assumed that it was on its way………to my surprise I then received an email on 9th June some 11 days after playing my order asking for me to complete the VAT form. I did this immediately and emailed it back……….I have sent a further three emails all of them not replied to………I have also tried ringing the office in Germany several times. I am totally stuck now………housebound for nearly three weeks and no sign of my battery. The VAT form was sent to me by a chap by the name of Bernd? I have left messages on FB page………only country that replied to me was Australia and then said they had forwarded on my message……………do you have any further contacts or suggestions to help me. Kindest Regards Charlie

        • Hello Charlie,
          I am very sorry to hear of your problems with the German office. As you probably know I am nothing to do with the company Travelscoot merely an enthusiastic user. It does annoy me when they upset customers in this way.

          German office is the way to go, phone, phone and phone again. I know this is no help to you but I will send a email to them, your complaint is not the first one that has been related to me.

          Good luck,


          • AZ says:

            Dear Patrick,
            I am really impressed by ur nature of helping others and giving them as much info as possible.
            I am quite interested in travel scoot, but I have a couple of questions please:
            1) As the scooter is 3 wheeled instead of 4 wheeled, so doesn’t it has a negative effect on balance.
            2) Scooter being so light, what happens if it’s very windy day, do u feel scared of scooter turning over/falling off?
            Also, as I live in West London do u know somebody who owns it in here/London so I can try it first?
            Thanks, AZ

  54. Hazel Dalziel says:

    I am desperately trying to find out which travel scooter would be best for me. I live in the Shetland Islands, but I leave them quite a lot as my husband works freelance all over the world and offen takes me with him. I have tried a Pride go-go elite while on holiday in Orlando but even my husband couldn’t manage to lift it in and out of the car without help. I then tried a Shoprider for a few days but we never even tried to take it apart.
    Basically what I think I want is something which folds up neatly so that I can get it on and off the bus when I am left at home on my own. I have been studying the internet for quite a few days (weeks), and now I can’t decide between the Luggie, the Mobie, and the Travel scoot. But having said that, I can’t say that money is no object! So what do I do?

    • Hello Hazel,

      The travelscoot is the least expensive, the lightest and in many ways the most practical. It folds down to the size of a largw golf bag and while riding it you do not feel disabled. I have had one for over three years and not had one regret. Do bear in mind that it is designed for use on pavements and going up hills soom suck the energy from the battery.

      The Travelscoot is fun to ride, the lightest (about 17/18 Kg), very manoeuvrable, practical and well designed. Suggest you read the articles on my website.

      I am a user of a #Travelscoot and have no affiliatiopns or connections with the company

  55. Mel Kidd-White says:

    Please let me know where I can purchase a new Travelsccoot in the UK. I have contacted the EU website many times but never get a reply. Thanks Melanie

    • pam says:

      Try I am American and have the Travelscoot. Love It!

      • steve says:

        Hi Pam,
        You’r post is two years ago but I thought I would try contacting you. I live in Palm Springs Ca. , area. Do you like the Travelscoot?. I have equilibrium problems would that be a problem using the Travelscoot?. Your reply would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve

        • Hello Steve,

          I am not Pam but I will try to answer your questions. I think the Travel scoot is an amazing solution but you must be able to lift a foot about 18 inches and walk a very short distance. It is like riding a there wheeled bicycyle. The centre of gravity is quite high but you cannot go that fast and you soon learn what is and what is not safe. There are no arm rests for security on the seat but hold onto the handlre bars.

          When getting on and off manually apply the brakes

  56. […] you are the proud owner of a new Travelscoot then it is almost certainly powered by a Li-Ion battery, It was a gold now it is a silver coloured […]

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