Di Blasi R30 Folding Mobility Scooter

Di Blasi R30 Folding Mobility Scooter

Di Blasi R30 Folding Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter that folds up on the press of a button. It seems a genuine novelty but the Di Blasi R30 folding mobility scooter is not the only one on the market. Click here to find out more about it. I like the 1930’s style and the large wheels so it can go over bumpy terrain that is not possible with nearly any other lightweight mobility scooter.

Folding Mobility Scooter

The Di Blasi R30 has wheels with a diameter of 31 cm (12.5 “) compared to the diameter of 12cm (7.5”) for a Travelscoot.  So it is much easier to ride over rough ground and mounting dropped kerbs that are a 1 cm+ barrier. The bigger wheels mean greater clearance and a smoother ride. I am worried about the front wheel drive with all the weight towards the back when going over bumpy ground or up a steep slope such as a ramp onto a train or bus.

The folding mechanism looks impressive

How robust is it? Will it fold if the metal frame gets bent? How easy is it to bend one of the struts? A big test with lightweight mobility scooters is being able to store them. The R30 folds down to 65cm(w) x 37cm x 48cm(h) cm (25.6″ x 14.6″ x 18.9″). This you store almost anywhere.

The icy test

Lift up a box that weighs 21.8 kg (48 lb) with no obvious handholds. The video make this look very easy because it is done by someone without any obvious disability or balance problems. I certainly could not do this because of my balance and mobility problems caused by multiple sclerosis.

Quite often I travel to London by train. Would I fold up the R30 before getting onto the train or when I was on the train? I use a Travelscoot mobility scooter; it is more compact, lighter and takes up less space when I ride it.

Why buy a mobility scooter?

It is important to consider where you will use the scooter, what you are going to use it for and when. Will you used for shopping, taking a dog for a walk or just for visiting friends? Could you take it into a coffee shop or a pub?

My considerations

I take mine onto bus and rail public transport and this is easy in the UK. I am a bit clumsy so it must be sturdy. I need to be able to carry shopping easily on my scooter. I cannot drive so I never need to put it into a car on my own.

I like the look of this scooter, I think it could be fun to ride. I’m not too sure how well it would suit me. The Travelscoot suits my requirements and needs perfectly. It ticks all my boxes.

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April 2016

34 responses to “Di Blasi R30 Folding Mobility Scooter”

  1. Robert Gibson says:

    I have been helping a friend who has had a travelscoot for a number of years and jsut got a Di Blasi. The travelscoot small wheels are an issue and it doesn’t like to turn left having a left drive wheel. in the rain I’ve seen it decide to only go backwards, until it drys out. OK the Di Blasi auto-folding up is great, but it is one and half times heavier all in one piece. Tha the travelcoot comes apart makes lifting pieces much easier. The Di Blasi turn left an right but with a larger turning circle. The Travelscoot brakes are smoother but require both hands to operate which prevents him gettiing through a door with an upward slope. But then what’s the worst thing about the Di Blasi…the electronic brake tends to snap on and he has a back injury.

    • Hello Robert

      Many thanks for you comments on the Travelscoot and Di Blasi. Each scooter has its merits and drawbacks many of which you have identified. I think the user needs to identify exactly what their requirements are and then decide which is the best mobility scooter.

      I love the Travelscoot and it suits my needs perfectly. It is so manoeuvrable and the red caddy slung in the ‘A’ frame is indispensable. The small wheels mean that it can not be used on gravel, wet grass or over a bumpy surface, not a serious issue for me.

      Trying to open a door on an upward slope will be a significant issue for any mobility scooter or wheelchair. The only real solution is to ask someone to help by holding the door open. Trying to close a door in a similar situation is no different.

      I wish your friend good luck

  2. We can’t wait for this unit to be available in the US. It should be sometime in the late fall of 2020 or early 2021. We do have a guide of the top folding mobility scooters of 2020 for people in the US. You can view it here:


    • Hello,

      Pleased to hear that this scooter will be available in the USA soon. I am based in the UK and know very little abut the American market. Personally I am a big fan of the Travelscoot.

  3. Hello Diane,

    I am not a dealer or supplier so I suggest you contact a dealer, you will need to use Google or any other search engine for this

  4. Hello,

    I do not sell the Scooter. You will need to find a local agent who sells it.

    Good luck

  5. Dennis Frost says:

    hi i have owned my R 30 for two weeks bought it as used ! it looks new i am sure it has been hardly used. the first time i used
    it i found the drive very jerky i mean very jerky and the battery
    only lasted about one mile.could the brake be to blame PS.i don’t know the lady in the ad but she must Arnie in drag

    • Hello Dennis,

      the first issue the battery. The lithium ion batteries have a life that is determined by the number of times you recharge it and the actual elapsed time since it was made. So you can buy a brand-new battery, leave it in the shed unused for three years and it will be useless. I think that is the reason why the battery only lasted for 1 mile.

      The jerkiness I cannot explain. I think you will have to talk to a supplier of the Di Blasi mobility scooters, I suggest you use Google to find a convenient one.

      I wish you the best of luck on sorting this matter out

  6. Hi,

    If you Google ‘Di Blasi R30 folding mobility’ or go to this website http://www.di-blasi.com/en/find-a-store/ to find a Di Blasi store

  7. RAY says:

    hi ,
    ive just got a di blasi r34 electric scooter not sure how much for delivery, but the price if you do not add on extras is £2,600 (but if your registered disabled they take off VAT £2,000). I’m not sure about the R30, but i have a contact in hillingdon who would be able to help you and order you one:- http://www.conceptedge.co.uk

    • Hello,

      I not actually in the market for a disability scooter, I already have a Travelscoot however I am always interested to hear people’s honest thoughts about their own lightweight mobility scooter. I know they all their own unique pros and cons. Good of you to think of me and feel free to submit your own feelings about the Di Blasi.

  8. Kathy Houck says:

    Can I buy one of these in the United States

    • Hello,

      I have no idea. I have looked at the first 3 pages of Google and they are all UK sites.

      You might have better lucks usign US search engines. Otherwise I cannot offer any help.

  9. Martin says:

    I don’t know about the R30 but I have a Di Blasi RD34 which has been really useful, giving me a lot of freedom and fun. Unfortunately, my MS has progressed to the stage where I cannot ride it. I’m therefore selling it. If anyone is interested in it, then do let me know.

    • Hello Martin,

      I’m sorry that your MS has progressed to the stage where you have lost this bit of independence. It must be heart breaking.

      I will do a post on my website this weekend and mention it in my weekly newletter. I would like a photograph of the the Di Blasi RD34. Also I would appreciate a bit of information. Why you liked it, good points, condition etc etc. Please send this to my email address [email protected]. Details about whether you will ship to another part of the UK, who pays and an indication of where you live would be helpful. Once the post is up on the website I am not involved in the selling process but please do tell me when it has been sold.

      The Travelscoots always sell quickly and I hope this one will be no exception.

    • Dear Martin have you sold your scooter ?

  10. Nick Melliss says:

    I’ve had a DiBlasi scooter for five months now. My first one was replaced because it got stuck in slow speed, and the reverse stopped working, so it went back. The replacement Di Basi is a lot of fun, it is reliable but it doesn’t like the wet. I got caught in heavy rain; it went along, but then wouldn’t start again after I got indoors. It was fine after it dried out. It is heavy, I can just about get it in my boot, but it’s a bit of a struggle. I have MS.

    • Hello Nick,

      Pleased you like the Di Blasi. I don’t think any mobility scooter likes the wet, my Travelscoot does not like snow or slush on the ground. Not too sure if the problem is the battery or motor.

      When folded up there is no easy handle to pick it up as far as I can see. Strikes me that it is similar to picking up a 25Kg cardboard box. For me the problems would be the weight and my balance. However it does look great fun to ride. Wouldn’t it be better if the demo video used someone with a mobility problem, after aLL that is who it is designed for.

  11. Andy says:

    Hi, I have just seen your page and thought I would offer a little feedback on the Di Blasi R30 as i’ve owned one for just over a year.

    My name is Andy, I also have MS (18 years) and have been putting off using a scooter for far too long.
    None of the scoots I saw really appealed to me until I stumbled upon (No pun intended) the R30.
    As an ex motorcyclist I love the mechanical overtones that come in spades with the R30.

    On the whole It has been a great experience, very reliable, with only a couple of small hic-ups that were entirely my own fault.

    As with most manufacturers claims the stats are a little misleading as 16 miles on one charge is just not doable unless it was all slightly down hill, I would say nearer 4-5 miles is closer to the mark in real world up hill and down dale situations.
    But this is ample for most of my trips out (I also carry a spare battery on board just incase me and my girl fancy a longer ‘stroll’)

    The instruction manual states not to be used in less than 5 degrees outside temp, Not sure how this compares with other scooters as im assuming its a electrical/dew point thing and surely that’s going to be the same across the board unless your scoot has a sealed motor/full system?
    I think this is belt and braces but also when its this cold i’d rather be inside anyhow.

    The R30 is very good on fairly rough terrain, parks and bumpy grass are no problem and even some small curbs/lips are manageable due to its 11cm ground clearance.
    I have only been stuck once and again this was due to my own over exuberance.

    Stability is fine but you do have to ‘pilot’ the R30 in rough conditions but again this is not something you would run into unless you were being a little silly and pushing the limits of disability scootering somewhat. ;0)

    The price here in the UK is as per usual a little OTT and a good search on the net will see £400 knocked off the UK price along with 2 years warranty instead of 1 year here in the UK if you don’t mind shopping in euros and buying from abroad (you can send it back to Europe 8 times for £400 was my thinking) its a no brainer but touch wood all has been good so far.

    So in conclusion the Di Blasi R30 has been a great piece of kit,
    I have customised it, Enjoyed it, Bonded with it, even Crashed it and have had so many people come and ask about it, Take details and comment on it that I’m thinking of starting an owners club.
    Heres a couple of clips of my little HotRod, more to come.

    • Hello Andy

      Very interesting to find out what you think of the Di Blasi. My biggest concern is trying to lift it up when its folded and puttign into the back of a car. It looks to be a big and slightly awkwrd shape. Pleased to hear it is reliable

      I must admit the Travelscoot is reliable, impervious to English winter temperatures but does not like goign throuigh puddles or hevy rain. I have never run the battery empty but I reckon ?I could get 8 miles on English pavements and the motor is pretty powerful. The big wheels are essential for rouigh and wet terraine. I also agree with you on stability

      I like the videos, all in all it looks a bit of a blast.

      Talk soon

      • Andy says:

        Afternoon Patrick,
        Yes the Di Blasi is a little cumbersome as my balance isn’t what it was, Fortunately my partner can lift it in and out of the boot with out to much trouble.
        Even though the Travelscoot requires a little more effort and balance to set up, the fact that it is good to go even in winter has to be a serious plus point.
        Maybe its just the excuse I need to treat myself to a little winter workhorse ;0)

        • Hello Andy,

          Treat your self to a Travelscoot, an early ?Christmas present 🙂 If you do then I would be interested to hear about the differences between them from you.

          The Di Blasi looks fun judging by your videos. To my mind the Travelscoot wins because of the caddy to put shopping, bags, luggage etc but the Di Blasi is worth considering because od the bigger wheels. Both look like being fun to ride

    • Derek Barrie says:

      Just gought one form Holland – much cheaper than UK.
      Like it basiucally 0 but big concern over range. After 1.3 miles the gauge was showing halpf down, and by 1 mile, the gauge was on the final, red light. perfectly level road and paths, tarmac – so nothing serious. Windering if I have a battery problem – brand new, and had been on charge overnight.

      • Derek Barrie says:

        Should have said that gauge was showing halfway after 0.3 miles! Apologies for poor typing.

      • Hello Derek,

        Umm, something not right there. i mile is not very far. Check instructions then suggest you try to find out how far you can go until battery completely empty then speak to the vendor. Strikes me something faulty.

  12. Kit says:

    Just spotted you said the Travelscoot comes from germany, does that mean you can get it without the 4mph speed limiter on if its coming direct from germany? (if there is an higher speed option)

    I’m wanting one as back up scooter for dog walking as I have a class 3 mobility scooter for main daily use, get into smaller areas where my big scooter is too big (like nip to village post office) or be able to go on day trips with brother who would be able to load it in his estate car.
    I was looking at the Di BLasi cos of bigger wheels for getting on grass (caravan sites etc) but worried now about it being stuck on slow.
    The Supascoota HD looks good but again limited to 4mph in UK would be good if could get speed limiter removed for off-road use and at least have an option, after all you can buy class 3 scooters at 8mph perfectly legally so why can’t they just do a more off-road one with same compactness but 8mph, or even 6mph?

    • Hello Kit,

      I am not a legal expert on the whys and wherefores of the rules. A mobility scooteer that is to be used on the pavements must be limited to 4 mph. All lightweight mobility scooters can really only be used on pavements because they have small wheels. Also they do not have the clearence for more rugged terraine. Using a small mobility scooter to go off piste or even onto wet grass is not a good idea. You can use a class 3 scooter on the pavement but you must not go faster than 4 mph. I think all Travelscoots aer limited to 4 mph

      You would need to talk to the manufacturer about removing the speed governor and I do not think it would be a feasible option.

      I think your best bet would be to talk to the suppliers of Di Blasi scooters in the UK. I hope that helps you

  13. Nicholas Melliss says:

    I bought an R30 in June this year. I very much liked it. I can, just, put it in the boot of my car, and it is fun to drive. I like its foldability, and its manoeuvrability. You can buy it from Cavendish in Waterlooville. I wasn’t so keen on a Travelscoot as there is no UK supplier. My only worry is reliability. At the moment it’s stuck on one speed, the slow speed, which is frustrating .

    • Hello Nicholas,

      The fact that the un/folding happens automatically is very interesting as well as the big wheels. I was also a little concerned about reliability. What feed back from Cavendish? Is it worth going into a bicycle shop

      Yes the supplier of Travelscoot is based in Germany but in this day and age that is not realy a problem. Anything that needs doing can be done through a good bicycle repair shop and it truth there is little to go wrong. In my opinion the Travelscoot ticks a lot of boxes. The only major problem, there is no locking key so just take the battery out if you have to leave it anywhere.

      Good luck with sorting out the slow one speed

  14. Liane Samuels says:

    G’day I watched your you tube & liked it very much, my husband has muscular dystrophy we live in Australia, I like the fact that it travels on all terrains, what I want to know is when will it be available here, you’d have a bigger market here, I really like the fact that it automatically folds & unfolds unlike the one my husband has St the moment, a travel scoot, it certainly would say my back as career. Hope you think about starting up here. Keep up the good ideas, would love to be the first ones to test it out here. please keep our email on file should you decide, you’d certainly make a a lot of money here. Can you send me info. Regards

    • Hello Liane,

      I am not a vendor. The website is trying to make people with a physical disability more aware of things that can improve their quality of life. I like thwe fact that it folds up and down automatically but I do think it is a awkward shApe to lift, it does weigh 25 Kg. Try the manufacturers http://www.diblasi.co.uk/.

      I use a Travelscoot and think I think it is excellent. I am disabled with multiple sclerosis.

      If you go to https://www.aid4disabled.com/product-reviews/ you will see the front page for my product reviews and you might be interested in signing up to the weekly news letter. You can do that from any page on the website

    • Marg says:

      Liane it is available in Australia. Stockist in Victoria. Google the web site. They are very helpful. There were a few changes to make it comply with Aus. Have had mine about 6 weeks now and becoming used to it.

  15. Frank Keefe says:

    Please would you give me the price on this scooter including delivery to south wales Pontypool nr Newport

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