Sending my TravelScoot back to Germany

Sending my precious TravelScoot back to Germany

Me on my precious Travelscoot

I have an electrical fault with my TravelScoot and it is unusable. I reported the problem to the English office who told me to return it to Munich, the head office, for essential maintenance. Sending my TravelScoot back to Germany was fraught with problems.

First things first

I had to find a supplier of a stout cardboard box, we threw the original one away; no storage space. The scooter was folded up, handle bars unplugged and the front wheel removed. I phoned up the company and gave them the dimensions and 24 hours later my wife collected the box which cost just over £15.

Packing it up

I found the original green canvas holdall and put the scooter into it. My wife and I taped up the bottom of the box and put in the scooter. Next we filled it with bubble-wrap et cetera and then taped up the box. So far so good.

Friendly neighbour

Sending my precious Travelscoot back to Germany

My Travelscoot is in the box

My next-door neighbour regularly uses DHL to ship items all over the world. He promised to help me arrange shipping of the box to Germany. Typically its a simple job and would take him no more than 15 minutes. It eventually took both of us one whole day, I could not have coped without his knowledge and experience.

Eventually an email arrived

Eventually the all important email arrived, now I could print the necessary documentation. DHL collected the parcel together with the relevant paperwork. The shipping charges were £235.41. We had jumped through all the DHL & Brexit hoops. I do not have a DHL account so I cannot track the package 🙁 Why make everything so difficult?

Sending my TravelScoot to Germany

By the time DHL collected my parcel I was totally stressed-out. DHL did not cover themselves in glory but there were technical issues. TravelScoot England was set up because of the problems importing and exporting items because of Brexit. They did not offer me any help or advice when returning a scooter for repair. The complexity of sending a parcel to Europe using a carrier is mind-boggling if you are a novice.

Useful advice?

The only help I received was from the German office who told me to tape labels all over the box saying ‘MAINTENANCE ONLY’ so I would not have to pay any import or export duty. TravelScoot did not offer me any other advice or help.

Angry and cross

After DHL collected the parcel I immediately called TravelScoot UK and expressed my anger and frustration at sending my Travelscoot to Germany. I am reasonably computer literate but I struggled. I’m sure many other people would have given up in frustration and vent their anger through social media.

What next?

I must await the cost of the essential maintenance to my TravelScoot. Will it be covered under warranty, I doubt it? TravelScoot must smarten up their act and make it much easier to send a precious mobility scooter back to Germany for maintenance.

TravelScoot should be totally responsible for shipping the scooter from a customer to Germany and back afterwards. I love my TravelScoot but my love for the company is now a little tarnished.

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June 2021

16 responses to “Sending my TravelScoot back to Germany”

  1. Vernon Turner says:

    Dear Patrick. Further information about the Travelscoot distributor in Watford UK. They are advertising the new Travelscoot ‘Escape’ (available at the end of November 2021). I have long waited for a distributor to be based in the UK and enquired about their after sales facility for the warranty (servicing, repairs etc.). I got this reply:
    ‘Dear Mr Turner,
    Thanks for your email.
    Yes we are offering service and repair if necessary at our Watford address, we are the UK distributor for TravelScoot so everything will come through us don’t worry.
    Yes we will have stock of spare parts.
    Robert’ (
    Remains to be seen as the ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating!

    • Hello,

      Yes I know about both the distributor in Watford and the new model.

      The team in Watford are new kids on the block, I hope their knowledge will improve but a deep understanding of the TS is lacking. In my opinion try to use a good bike or e-bike shop for repairs. Also think about getting the battery refurbished. The US office has released a huge number of useful Youtube videos to repair and service the TS.

      There are problems caused by Brexit and shipping container shortage that means there is a significant waiting time for parts and the new TS. The new model is not yet in stock, probably looking at December. Someone I know is buying one and I will give it a try out and report back via a new blog/post

  2. Anoinette Power says:

    Hi Miles I also have two scooters and 3 battery’s went to Florence and neither of my travel battery’s will charge. It cost 880 euros to rent for three weeks plus taxes as the battery was not as good as the TS. So here I am 2scooters not working!!!! I have had 12hip replacement and can’t get about with out one HELP I have no family near I’m stranded. I met a you American chap in Florence who was trying to get word back on his battery as with mine will not charge his is new mine I bought end of January this year. The new battery has been back in German in March with a problem. I love my TS but I can’t live like this not knowing when I can get out with one or other not working. Take care ABA

    • Hello Antoinette,

      Miles is/was a reader of of my website and blogs.

      Problem could be charger or battery. TS do not want to know about battery problems so find an e-bike shop and seek their advice. If charger working then two red lights should be on continuously

  3. Carol says:

    I’m considering buying a Travelscoot due to ability to walk far. I was recommended it by another motorhome friend who is ill and I value his opinion as he is totally reliant on it.

    I am keeping my eyes open whilst I save the money towards a new one

    It would nearly be cheaper to buy a cheap flight to Munich yourself than pay that DHL costnnn

    Thank you for your report. I also read your report on the hired one

    • Hello Carol,

      There is now a Travelscoot agent in the UK, This avoids problems with shipping and Brexit but there is a significant lead time so don’t delay.

      Buying one through eBay can be a false economy because the is no guarantee and the battery might not have a lot of life remaining

  4. Wendy Tremblay says:

    I have had my original Travelscoot for about 7 years and love it. I have taken it to many places i.e., China, India, Mexico, about 10 cruises all over the world and use it locally to go to big shopping centres close to my home. I can drive it to many stores close to my home. I just ordered a new one and I am selling my old one. Everything works fine but I don’t want to worry about any issues if I am out of the country with the TS so wanted a new one. I take it to Mexico for the whole winter every year and would be lost without it.

    • Hello,

      Obviously another big fan of the TS. There is nothing else quite like it available in the UK.

      I don’t envisage any major issues selling the old one.

      Happy travelling.

  5. Jane Cant says:

    I have had an electrical fault on my TS but an e bike shop in Tring seems to have fixed it
    In TS Watford defence they are bee to the game and he did say they were getting training to be better on the Maintenence is TSS. So watch and wait. I have just bought another TS on eBay but be careful it was sold with the battery in a poor state

  6. Allan says:

    maybe we should all be thinking about buying British in future, this story of woe has certainly put me off….!

  7. Miles says:

    Have you got your Travelscoot back yet Patrick?

    • Hello Miles,

      it’s a very long story. TravelScoot could not identify the problem which did not surprise me. I think it is a bad connection in the electrics. They did check the connections and all the work was FOC.

      My daughter who lives and works in Heidelberg is coming over here next month. TS are going to ship it to her and this avoids all the Brexit hassle.

      The scooter I hired was a Centurion tank of mobility scooters and I’m about to release a post on it. In the meanwhile we have splashed out and bought another frame. It’s wonderful to be back on the TS.

      It is a general policy in our household to have two of anything whenever possible that I am totally dependent upon and could be difficult to repair.

      There is a TravelScoot office in Watford where you can buy spare parts but their after sales service is very limited. I think the place for repairs has got to be an E-bike shop

  8. Steve Williams says:

    A great tale of woe, and maybe a warning for the rest of us ! £235 for shipping, what a rip off by DHL We wait with baited breath how this goes

    • Hi Steve,

      You are right it is a tale of woe. Sadly I think the shipping charge of £235 is because of Brexit, it used to be a lot less.

      I will keep you posted on the progress

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