Feet are made for standing

Feet are made for stading

Stand in the waves and don’t sit down

Feet are made for standing, its something people take for granted. OK I admit that walking, running and jumping also involve feet but standing on them is a basic function. “Learn to stand on your own two feet” and “Rushed off your feet” are two common phrases that involve being on your feet.

My mobility starts to  deteriorate

Just after 2000 my dog walks across the common were shorter plus my legs felt tired and uncoordinated. Ten years later I was using a Travelscoot mobility scooter, and a wheeled walker. Moved forward another 10 years and standing without support is almost impossible. I can still walk with a walker but it is agonisingly slow and my limit is about 500 metres.

Feet are made for standing

Sitting and thinking about the gentle decline of my mobility and this all seems horribly logical. Walking demands a sense of balance whether it is on a tightrope or the pavement. MS does slow down my walking however it is the ability to keep my balance that makes standing so difficult This is definitely affecting my quality of life and I’m losing social capital.

Thinking on your feet

Count how many activities you do standing on your feet. I must do them sitting down. It is not just that I must sit down that is annoying. Other connected activities are suddenly too difficult. The world is not designed for a person who must do everything sitting down.

I love cooking

The kitchen is a room where feet are made for standing unless you are sitting down to eat. Everything in a standard kitchen assumes that I can stand up without a wobble. Doing the washing up, loading the dishwasher, taking a bowl out of the fridge and even stirring a saucepan. I’m lucky to have a good sit-stand chair but I must sit sideways on it because there is nowhere to tuck-in my knees.

An unexpected problem

When its time to have a pee then it really is all change because I have to insert a catheter.  As you all know I’m a bloke and there are significant differences in the urinary plumbing for each sex. Blokes stand up to have a pee. Pulling down the zip of my flies and inserting a catheter requires both hands. I cannot stand on my feet without holding onto something to keep my balance. Life is too complicated at times.

Getting dressed

This is yet another balancing act. Putting on jeans, socks and shoes must be done while sitting on the bed or chair. That isn’t the whole story. Putting on my Functional Electrical Stimulator (FES) is something else that can only be done sitting down. Unless a mirror is full length then it is too far above floor level and totally useless for me

Why don’t I go the whole hog and use a wheelchair? Well, I quite like walking and using my legs while I still can. I will eventually have to use a wheelchair but until then I will stand on my feet.

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January 2024

6 responses to “Feet are made for standing”

  1. Tessa says:

    I was in the same situation as you , Then suffered an acute gangrenous appendectomy with high infection levels which of course set my mobility back . Then caught hospital covid with pneumonia . Still in hospital as they get those infection levels down. But walking completely shot .

  2. Peter says:

    Happy new year to you. I have added a 4 wheeled walker with resting seat to my travelscoot so I can get some exercise which I obviously don’t get when using the scooter . ( unless I make my wife come with me and takes a turn every now and again!)

    • Hello Pete,

      Happy New Year.

      At times you do need to be sneaky to make sure you get the exercise. Did no proper walking except pottering in the flat during January, suffering now as I restart.

  3. Katie says:

    Happy new year!

    Good to read your first post of the year.

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