Core muscles were weak so I used a wobble cushion

Wobble cushion to strengthen my weak core muscles

Wobble cushion

My core muscles were weak, its something I only noticed a few weeks ago, Getting out of bed not been easy for several years, its something everyone takes for granted. Just recently it had suddenly turned into a terrible struggle. I’ve got enough problems already without worrying about new ones. Now was the obvious time to get the wobble cushion out, dust it down and get to work on those core muscles.

Last few months

Suddenly I noticed, just to get out of bed, was significantly more difficult, tiring and time consuming. I could not sit up after a night’s sleep, weak stomach muscles wee the reason  Here are my problems getting out of bed in the morning.

  1. Extract my feet from under the duvet while lying on my back, Foot drop and leg drop, because of MS,  do not make this an easy job.
  2. The next stage, the really complicated bit. Swing my legs so they were hanging over the floor and simultaneously keep my bottom on the bed.
  3. Ensure my legs were touching the ground and somehow rearrange my upper body so I was sitting up on the side of the bed. This bit really was the hard bit.
  4. Stand up using my rollator as an aid.

Just getting out of bed now took me at least five minutes. I couldn’t even prop myself up on my elbows. Sitting up in bed was a genuine non-starter. Something had to change.

My core muscles were weak

The time had come for me to dust down my wobble cushion and use it to make my core muscles stronger.  I’m talking of the layers of muscles that help support the pelvis, spine, butt, back, hips and stomach; vital for walking and standing. Now I spend 10 minutes a day sitting on the wobble cushion doing four simple exercises. Its just simple sitting-down Pilates

  1. Sit upright on it and don’t wobble.
  2. Bend forward and lean back slowly and don’t wobble.
  3. Look over each shoulder slowly and don’t wobble.
  4. Look up at the ceiling and don’t wobble

I know these exercises sound really easy and after ten minutes my core muscles ache. I was so out of condition. Buy a wobble cushion and improve your core muscle strength.

Has it helped

Yes, it has helped to strengthen my core muscles. After only two weeks getting out of bed was much more straight forward. No struggle or dread. I’m also finding day to day life better and simple tasks such as standing up from a chair are so much easier. Incidentally I don’t fall over so often either.

Click here to buy a  Wobble Cushion

Now I’m so pleased I found my wobble cushion, dusted it down, and exercised those core muscles.

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February 2024

5 responses to “Core muscles were weak so I used a wobble cushion”

  1. Mal 'Pram' Kiely says:

    That’s great! Glad you’ve found something practical that helps you.

  2. Katie says:

    Agree, getting out of bed is a challenge!
    Glad your wobble cushion helps re core strength. X

  3. Ian Cook says:

    Read your post with great sympathy and respect, You show great fortitude in dealing with problems which i will doubtless face in the near future and in that sense your posts are always well received and well read by me,

    • Hello Ian,

      10 minutes a day on the wobble cushion over the last 2 – 3 weeks has generated a really dramatic improvement. Lets be honest, what is 10 minutes a day.

      Hopefully this will get your brain ticking on how to maintain a reasonable quality of life

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