Easy Game To Understand Game And Fun For All The Family

Rummikub Classic is a great game, it is easy to understand, fun for all the family and it also makes you think.



Like all the great games it is very easy to play, easy to learn and you soon realise that its a fast- paced strategy game. Games are a great way to get to know people.

A game for 2-4 players

Rummikub  is a fast paced game where you will need to use your wits, be quick thinking and alert to win. Like all games there is an element of luck but skill wins out in the end. Like all the best games, it’s easy to learn and a challenge to master! You win by being the first player to go “Rummikub” by using up all your tiles and  accumulating the highest score. Such a simple game, Rummikub provides hours of amusement, each game as different as the combinations of moves you choose to play. A game for 2-4 players, ages 7 years and over.

Look for the highest score

So lets be boring – its rummy with tiles instead of cards. The added twist is that you can manipulate the combinations already down on the table in order to use more of your tiles and so get a higher score. The person with the highest score at the end is the winner. Its very addictive and can be played by anyone from the age of about 7 upwards. Once you have played your first tiles then at your next turn you can nearly always play but have you found the highest score available to you?

It is a popular game

This game has very simple rules and it is educational without that very fact being thrust down your throat. It makes you think and concentrate but also encourages light hearted banter. Each game is different but do not take it too seriously, that ruins the fun of it. It is a popular game, Rummikub won the 1980 award of German Game of the Year and the the Dutch Game of the Year award in 1983. In 1977, it became a best selling game in the United States.

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Did you know?

  • Ephraim Hertzano invented the game in the early 1930s.
  • He was a Romanian born Jew, who immigrated to Palestine in the early 1930s.
  • It became Israel’s top export game.

Customer comments

  • It’s a great family game which everyone seems to enjoy. It’s the board and tile version of Rummy – the popular card game,
  • My friend has very bad Arthritis in her hands and cannot hold cards for long, so the counters were very good on the holder.
  • Fab game for the family, I play against my grandchildren it keeps your brain active and on your toes
  • Find it very interesting and stimulating. It can be as easy or as intricate as you care to make it.

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