Large Print Playing Cards

Large Print Playing Cards - Blue Backs

Large print playing cards

These large print playing cards are the same size playing cards as a standard pack. The symbol for each cards is in large type and there is a picture for ‘royal’ cards. This does make them easier to play with if this is the ‘first time’.

There are playing cards with large writing. These are good quality as well as the cards being the same size as normal cards. They are an absolute winner if your eyesight is impaired


  • Use these cards for Bridge, Poker and any other game of cards
  • Luxury big print cards
  • Could easily be used if two people are sharing the same hand of cards
  • It is very easy to see the print clearly from a distance.
  • Cards size 58 x 89mm, identical to a normal pack of playing cards

These cards are identical to normal size playing cards. The important difference is a much larger font to identify the card suit and value in the corner

Large print playing cards

It is very easy to see the numbers and symbols in the corner of each playing card even when they are held in a fan. Ideal if you have impaired vision. These cards are the same size as a normal pack of playing cards so there is no need to feel socially exluded. The idea of having to take larger cards to play a social game with friends is very off putting.

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Customer comments 

  • Ideal for those with eyesight problems or perhaps for sharing. Easy to see the cards from a distance as well    
  • These cards are very clear for players of poor sight.
  • It makes games smoother with fewer mistakes.
  • These are great cards with large clear symbols   #

Updated December 2018


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