Variable height saddle stool to move around in the kitchen

Saddle stool to move around in the Kitchen

Variable height saddle stool

I use a saddle stool to move around in the kitchen, prepare food and cook. It makes my life in the kitchen so much easier. I cannot walk or stand unaided because of multiple sclerosis. Now I can cook, a hobby that I enjoy.

The stool is like a horse’s saddle on wheels. You could call it a Saddle Stool on wheels. I use it all the time in the kitchen. You could even say its wheely great :-).

The state of affairs had to change

Its now impossible for me to stand upright and prepare food in the kitchen, I buckle at the knees. I just used to get tired and run out of energy, so half way through cooking a meal I would have to sit down and rest. Now I can only only stand on my feet for a minute or two, blame the MS for these problems. With the variable height saddle stool I can prepare a meal and cook it. No need to take a break to rest my weary legs and feet. In case you had not guessed, cooking is something that I really enjoy doing.

Saddle stool to move around

Cooking was turning into an impossible task. Using the saddle stool to move around I can now do many more things in the kitchen. The stool ticks so many boxes. I can easily vary the height of the stool as well as the angle of the seat and it is very stable.

I can start cooking again 🙂 I can wash-up pots and pans as well :-(. Sometimes I sweep the floor. MrsB is delighted :-).

My old life returned

Using the variable height saddle stool:

  • I can get saucepans out of cupboards and food out of the fridge without fear of falling over.
  • Moving around the kitchen is now exercise.
  • Balance is essential to sit on the stool so it will strengthen my core muscles.
  • I can raise the seat so now I can be at the same height as other people when I talk to them without standing on my feet.

Fatigue and posture

When cooking or preparing food I couldn’t stand upright. It looked and felt very unnatural. All of this is an MS problem.

I don’t know how many times MrsB would bark out ‘Stand upright!’. I would but seconds later I was back in the slouch position.

My body would morph into this very unnatural position and there was nothing I could do. I would try and push my waist against a work surface but suddenly I would be drooping again. Worst of all, my back hurt.

To summarise

I have foot-drop and very bad balance so I always use a walking aid such as a rollator. I walk unsteadily because my legs are weak. Now I can start cooking in the kitchen again thanks to a variable height saddle stool. The saddle stool has given me back a part of my life that I thought I had lost for ever.

Living with MS always is always a compromise. The saddle stool has restored something that is very important to me, independence in the kitchen.

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January 2024

12 responses to “Variable height saddle stool to move around in the kitchen”

  1. Stacie Thurston says:

    Hi I was wondering how much these chairs are I’m having severe pain in my legs and have a hard time standing up for a long period of time

    • Hello Stacie,

      As with so many things it really boils down to the amount of money you are prepared to spend. The one on my website comes in at about £85. It might be worth getting one with a back rest but I think the most important thing is to make sure it has a cushioned seat. It is important that you use it on a flat and level surface.

      Cooking and working in the kitchen would be absolutely impossible or me without a chair on wheels. It is also really useful To have one where the height can change. How else to get things out of the bottom of a cupboard or from a top shelf.

      Good luck

  2. Bob says:

    Is this stool available and what is the cost

    • Hello Bob,

      The cost of this stool is £85.

      It is available. I am an associated of Amazon. If you buy this stool through my website then I receive a very small commission and it is no more expensive to buy it this way than logging directly into Amazon and purchasing it.

      Good luck with the stool.

  3. Jane Black says:

    If you are preparing/cutting/cooking – can you sit close enough to the units without straining your back?

  4. Helen says:

    I’m glad you’ve found this stool Patrick. I’ve had one for 7 years and it is the best aid I have. It’s brilliant for core muscles and I even took it to my husbands 60 th party where I was able to use it for dancing. I have a back on mine now but I’m sure I’d be living on ping dinners without it.
    The fact it goes up and down allowing me to get things in and out of freezer and cupboards and do boring things like loading the washing. A real enabler. Enjoy.

    • Hello Helen,

      I like the word enabler. The enabler now lets me do things that I enjoyed doing such as cooking. These activities were just too tiring and I had had to give them up.

      I think its one of the secrets that other people with MS need to find out about

  5. Tracy says:

    My daughter bought me a saddle stool for my birthday/Christmas present. Best present ever. I have the same problems standing for any length of time, even short times these days. My saddle stool has changed my life in the kitchen. I can stay seated to empty the dishwasher, cut up veggies on the side. Move items across the kitchen all by rolling across the floor. I get terrible back pain too and the saddle stool helps position your back properly relieving the pain.
    I love it.

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