Table Top Playing Card Holder

Ever thought of using a Table Top Playing Card Holder? Do you find it difficult to hold a hand of cards? Maybe you only have one hand?

Table Top Playing Card Holder

The clear plastic holder has a small gap at the front to hold the cards. It is very stable,  portable, and easily holds 13 playing cards. I have seen several Bridge players use these card holders and always thought this is a simple and useful idea. The empty holder can be carried in a pocket or bag.

Maybe you have a manual disability or arthritis in your hands. Ot it could be that you have poor grip or you only have one hand. It is so embarrassing at bridge to accidentally drop a card onto the floor. I have been there.

Small and convenient

The stand and cards can easily stay upright without the need for extra support.

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Alternative solutions

There are alternatives such as the playing card holder that you hold in your hand. This can get rather crowded if there are a lot of cards but it has the advantage that it can be held in the hand during play. Remember this type of card holder requires use of both hands. One to remove the card from the holder and the other hand to hold it.

Customer reviews

  • It is fantastic…many more people should try it
  • Very helpful for a person with disability

Buy a Table Top Playing Card Holder now

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