VELA Salsa sit-stand chair

People have sat on something since they descended from the trees. A three legged stool is probably the earliest form of seat furniture, no back or arm rests and always stable though not necessarily level. The Vela Salsa sit-stand chair is at the opposite end of the spectrum. I want to tell you why the Vela Salsa sit-stand chair is in a league of its own.

Advanced multiple sclerosis

I am medically retired. This has led to a few very irritating problems. I cannot walk unaided and I’m liable to fall over because my balance is atrocious. I cannot stand up and talk to someone for more than a couple of minutes. If your walking or balance is not challenged then it is very difficult to comprehend these problems.

VELA Salsa sit-stand chair

VELA Salsa sit-stand chair

Biggest challenges

I enjoy cooking meals for the family but there are a couple of small problems caused by the MS. Cooking means you must stand on your feet and be able to get things out of cupboards at all sorts of heights. This all became too difficult when I fell over too often so I had to quit the kitchen. The Wife had yet another job.

I bought a simple Saddleback stool that is on five casters and it swivels. A useful feature is that you can change the height of the stool very easily. It is possible you have seen one in a dentist’s surgery or hairdressing salon. Fantastic if you have good core muscles and two functioning legs.

VELA Salsa sit-stand chair

I have been lent a VELA Salsa sit-stand chair  for the disabled and I can  compare it with my simple Saddleback stool. It’s a bit like comparing a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud to a Volvo V60 estate car. Top end luxury as opposed to a good functional car.

Why oh why?

So what puts the VELA Salsa hi-lo chair in a different league. Firstly it is incredibly stable. The handbrake to lock the wheels so it cannot move around is a big plus. Other big advantages include the large rubber wheels. Our kitchen is tiled and the casters of the Saddleback stool can get stuck in the grouting between the tiles on the floor. No such problem with the VELA Salsa sit-stand chair.

I also liked

It is comforting to know the armrests are there. The armrests prevent me accidentally tipping off the stool. There are other nice ‘to-have’ features such as an adjustable backrest and a facility to adjust the tilt of the seat. It does not look like a cheap functional item designed for a physically disabled person.

Height adjustment

The height adjustment is excellent. You can have a conversation with nearly anyone and your eyes are level with theirs. It is also possible the lower the seat far enough to sit a traditional dining table and eat a meal.


The VELA Salsa sit-stand chair does have a big footprint I would not use it in a small room. In our kitchen there is plenty of space.

The chair is stylish and very comfortable. When it is returned to VELA it will be sorely missed.

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October 2018

11 responses to “VELA Salsa sit-stand chair”

  1. fay staley says:

    I am looking at this Vela chair which now costs $3,500 in the US Oct 2022

    • Hello Fay,

      A Vela chair is not cheap but for me its worth its weight in gold. I cannot walk unaided or stand for moe than a couple of minutes but it does allow me to be king of the kitchen.

      I was lucky, some owed me a favour and gave it to me. It is an ex sales/demo model but I’m not proud

  2. Hello Haralk,

    Sorry to be so long getting back to you. Here are details of the Australian supplier
    Wim Hartog

    WILA-Innovations Pty Ltd PO Box 716 NSW 2147 Kings Langley AU +61 (0)427 017 177 [email protected]

    The starting price in the UK is £600

  3. Hello Harald,

    The chair is made and sold by a Danish company called Vela. Try these websites, Do further research on Google using ‘vela chairs AND aurtralia’


    It looks brilliant Patrick. I wish they’d been around when I was still living at home and not in aged care. My EDSS is 8.5 so I know only too well what you’re having to cope with Patrick.

    I hope Australia was good to you – it is good to me. Victoria is especially pleasant and seemingly dodging a bullet climate change wise

  5. Joanne says:

    Can’t see the price on their website ?

  6. John Cowburn says:

    Will you not keep the chair Patrick? It looks excellent! What’s the retail price?

    • Hello John,

      yup I get to keep the chair and I’m helping out at the 0T show in Birmingham on November 21.

      The retail price will depend upon the number of add-ons that you have. At this moment in time I think they start at about £ 500. If you want more information I will dig it up for you

  7. Richard Leakey says:

    This chair sounds like exactly “what the doctor ordered”. We are having a new kitchen and at the moment, our present part kitchen is too difficult for me to cook in as there is no seat near the cooker,only limited work surface and the lighting is poor. I have your MS problems with standing for any length of time and I soon become liable for a fall so this chair will be fantastic for the new kitchen and my cooking and if it will live in our cupboard folded up, it will be fantastic

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