Folding seat and kneeler

Draper folding seat and kneeler

Draper folding seat and kneeler as a seat

The Folding Seat and Kneeler is an extremely useful outdoor thing-umy-jig. Actually it is a combination garden seat and kneeler and it is very sturdy. I use it for kneeling down when gardening or anything else where you have to be close to the ground. It can be a simple seat or bench for sitting in the garden, prop to keep doors open and I am sure there are many other uses for it. It is absolutely ideal if you have trouble bending down or bad knees that make standing up again difficult.

Folding Seat And Kneeler

It has a sturdy frame and the folding legs make for easy to store. The seat is double-sided, plastic padded seat on one side or foam kneeler on the other. Whether folding it up or assembling for use the legs click safely and firmly into position.

Good value for money

Use it with the pad close to the ground and kneel on it. There are hand rails for support when reaching out into hard to get-at areas. The hand rails also provide invaluable support when getting back to your feet when you’ve been kneeling. Turn it the other way up for a seat which is cushioned and comfortable. The seat is made of weather-proof plastic material.

Folding seat and kneeler

Folding seat and kneeler as a kneeler

Handy and convenient

It is very light but at the same time is it strong and robust. When you are not using it it will fold flat for easy storage. When you open it up the sides click into place so no chance that it will suddenly collapse and be a liability

Overall size: when open – 54 x 25 x 40 cm and when closed 15 x 25 x 40 cm

To find out more and buy a Folding Seat and Kneeler click HERE

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Some customer comments

  • This is perfect for working in the garden
  • This product is very sturdy and assisted me to get up easily
  • This is just what my back needed ! Folds up, light, easy to store and easy to put up.
  • This item used as a kneeler is sturdy enough to use as leverage to get up or down. As a seat it is safe & comfortable. It takes my 16st with ease.

Updated December 2018

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  1. top car says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >folding seat and kneeler <Loved it!

  2. YesM says:

    This is a great invention – my mom uses one. But be aware: there are different versions of this so make sure you get a good one. I tried one in a hardware store and it was so hard to open and close, and on the heavy side, whereas the one I actually was lucky enough to buy from a garden store was very easy, and lighter.

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