My Travelscoot Lithium battery needs replacing

My Travelscoot Lithium battery needs replacing

All  3 of my Travelscoot batteries

Regular readers know I love my Travelscoot mobility scooter. It even has a nick-name – The Trike. Before lockdown I used it every day so about every 4 years the Travelscoot Lithium battery needs replacing. The cost of buying a new one from Travelscoot always causes a sharp intake of breath.

Travelscoot Lithium battery

For many years I have owned two batteries: one on charge and one on The Trike. I always take the old one to the dump for recycling when I buy a replacement. For a strange reason I decided not recycle the old battery when I last bought a replacement. Come November 2020 I am the proud owner of 3 batteries but none of them has capacity to go more than a mile or two. Soon I was going to have to man-up and buy a new battery from Travelscoot.

Its not cheap

Excluding VAT but including delivery buying a 25.2V 11.25AH battery from Travelscoot costs €712 (£640). Covid has put our little business, (Doggy Day Care), run by The Wife into hibernation. My paltry income working with Universities has also been knocked on the head. Realistically we are living on benefits and her state pension and can not tighten our belt any more notches.

In mid-November I received an email

A fellow Travelscoot user who is a regular reader of these posts emailed me. He asked me if I had heard of Country Batteries, he wanted to know more about them. He told me they can refurbish a Travelscoot Lithium battery for a third the price of a new one. I’m a tad cynical and subscribe to the school of ‘No such thing as a free dinner’ but I was curious to find out more.

This sounds so much more reasonable

I spoke to a few people and none of them said a bad word about County Batteries. I gave then a ring and they know all about refurbishing a Travelscoot battery and told me that it would cost me £225 + VAT. I must pay upfront, they will supply a shipping label and I send the battery and a charger to them by UPS. Within two weeks I will receive what is effectively a new battery. I am exempt from VAT thanks to MS.

Feeling very optimistic

I send the one with the least capacity to County Batteries. Within two weeks I received the refurbished battery and my charger. I have been using this battery since then and it is as good as new. This is a FANTASTIC RESULT. The Wife is also thrilled, she is the bean counter.

Refurbished battery is good

I was not going to spend over three hours scooting around in the miserable cold wintry weather verifying how far I could travel on the refurbished battery. Knowing my MS addled memory I would forget how far I had travelled after 90 minutes. You could call me a wuss but keeping warm in cold weather is as hard as keeping cool in hot weather. Another MS hidden disability?

Excellent result

Refurbishing a Travelscoot battery is only a third the price of buying a new one. This is really good value for money and they refurbish a wide variety of batteries so check their website. My fellow reader now knows that County Batteries are a safe bet and I discovered free dinners can exist.

PS I have not received any payment or benefits to publish this article

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January 2021

9 responses to “My Travelscoot Lithium battery needs replacing”

  1. David Walker says:

    Thanks for answering Patrick!
    As I’ve already got the appropriate switch and all the necessary wiring connectors etc. I’ll give it a try anyway and report back, it might help someone else!

  2. David Walker says:

    Hi Patrick.
    I have recently acquired a S/H Travelscoot (because of emphysema and COPD)and have as yet only tested it on very short local test runs.
    I have one or two ideas about which I’m interested in your opinion.
    The first involves batteries, my Scoot has two 12 V lead-acid of these connected in series to give 24 volts, for a few reasons I am considering arranging that I can switch them into parallel mode on demand, in the way that the old U-boats used to group up for speed and down for distance.
    Also, given that I will be taking the Scoot travelling in my wife’s Nissan Elgrand which we use for camping, it male it easier to charge the Scoot from the 12V system.
    Have you any comments on this idea?

    • Hello,

      I am no handy man and with a very scant knowledge of electrics so I do not feel able to pass any comment on either of these ideas. My Travelscoot uses a lithium ion battery. I have advanced MS and camping is an impossible idea for me because I am unable to walk unaided.

      I’m sorry I cannot be more helpful.

  3. Andrew Henderson says:

    That’s a big saving and good to know they are in the UK. Thanks for the information.

  4. John Cowburn says:

    £640 for a single battery is ludicrous, it’s profiteering! Good though that you could get a reasonable price (well sort of) for refurbishmment!

  5. Sue says:

    With regard to the VAT exemption, I have been told that unless the battery is fitted into my scooter by the seller it can’t be exempt from VAT because it could be used for something not connected with my disability. I don’t have lithium batteries but I don’t see why that should make a difference. Am I being given the wrong information?

    • Hello Sue,

      You need to speak to someone else about the finer details of VAT exemption. What you are saying makes sense but realistically could the battery be used for another purpose? Try speaking to CAB

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