7 Day Pill Organizer Box In Wallet

The 7 Day Pill Organizer Box In Wallet is a convenient way to organize daily pills or vitamins. Your name, address, phone number and prescription can be stored behind the plastic inside the cover.

7 Day Pill Organizer Box In Wallet

It enables medication for a seven day period to be stored. There are four compartments for each day.  The container for a single day can be removed and taken with you on shopping or daily excursion.

Each compartment is clearly marked with the day of the week and the time of day as follows, MORN, NOON, EVE and BED. In each compartment up  to 7 capsule pills can be stored. I take 11 pills at night, there is no problem getting them into a compartment.

Important notes

The wallet style cover is plastic. Inside the wallet there is a clear plastic sleeve that holds a sheet of paper. You can write name, address, telephone number, important notes such as your doctor and who to contact in case of an emergency. You could also store a copy of your prescription there as well.

Correct dosage

On more than one occasion I have forgotten to take my pills at night. I wake up at about 2 hours later and after realizing why I have woken up I then have to fumble around looking for the correct pills. Using a pill organizer is is a strategy of mine to help reduce the possibility of this happening.

So Useful

I had to stay with my brother for a few days. Knowing that I have got all my pills that I will need for one week is a huge relief. Its little things like that makes life so much easier when you are away from home. It helps to stop the unexpected..

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Some customer comments

  • Brilliant. Just what we needed for holidays
  • it is a very well made case. and does the task eccellently
  • Now I can remember which tablets taken and when to re-order

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