A terrible shock

Last week I discovered that our lovely shower was not working and the problem wasn’t just the shower.

A terrible shock in the bath

A terrible shock in the bath

Book the engineer

The story starts when the thermostat for our power shower broke so the shower water was only freezing cold. I phoned Aqualisa to book an engineer. I pulled the disability card and was told to expect an engineer the next day.

I will not bore you with the problems of trying to find out when the Aqualisa engineer would repair our shower that only gave icy cold water.  They redefined the phrase ‘waste of space’. The amount of time I spent on the ‘phone trying to talk to someone in their customer service department was unbelievable. Maybe I was unlucky.

Still waiting

A couple of days later, a visit by the engineer was still a concept. I needed to have a shower, instead I thought I would have a bath. I ran enough water so when sitting in the bath my legs were immersed  and I could wash myself. Trying to get out of the bath is when I received a terrible shock.

I had assumed that I would be able to stand up and step out of the bath very easily. Sad to relate, those days are now history. I did not have enough strength to haul myself out of the bath. The only way was to roll over onto my stomach and get onto my hands and knees. When kneeling I could use the use the grab rail as support so I could stand up and get out of the bath.

Why had this happened?

My tummy muscles had become incredibly weak. Was this because of the dreaded multiple sclerosis, passing my sixtieth birthday or had I become idle and slothful?

I think it was a bit of each but I could not allow this to continue. I had to strengthen my tummy muscles. I needed to add some more exercises to my routine of morning stretches. I thought the best thing would be to sit on the floor as if I was in a bath. Start by sitting with my arms crossed.

The next morning arrived, I had to man up to this and see how weak I really was. Very carefully I sat on the floor pretended I was in a bath; but I couldn’t. As soon as I sat down and crossed my arms I just slumped back. I had to move quickly and support my body with my hands on the floor behind me. Not good, in fact very pathetic.

I finally managed some exercises.

I practised this and tried to get better. My muscles complained. That afternoon and the next day my muscles would not let me forget of their existence, I was full of aches and soreness. I was deeply ashamed of myself.


After a couple of days the aches had diminished. In case you are wondering the engineer arrived seven days after I reported the problem; he was 6 days late. After he had gone I had one of the best showers I have had for a long time.I will not make the mistake of lying in a bath and getting a terrible shock for a long time.

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