Adapt my MS normal to Covid 19 isolation normal

Adapt my MS normal to Covid 19 isolation

Is isolation the solution?

9 April 2020. Right now the chips are down. I need to find a new life that includes Covid 19 isolation. I must not allow depression or anxiety to intrude or overwhelm life. We all need to come up with a new strategy or routine. I must change my MS normal to Covid 19 isolation.

Our lives went through a huge juddering somersault two weeks ago. Now all conversation revolves around pandemic, self-isolation, Covid 19, and essential workers to name but a few. The high streets are shut down. Employees were told to work from home. Food shopping is not a family activity.

My MS normal life

Medically retired, but I spent so much time out of the house. I had my finger in lots of pies and it kept me very busy. The Wife was more than happy to have me out of the house. I was happy, my brain was active, no time to think about MS. We had regular trips to the theatre or local cinema.

Everything changes

The clocks change and then  wet winter morphs into sunshine and spring. More important we were told life was going to change for an indefinite period. My new normal is totally different. Now I need to to find a routine for Covid 19 isolation.

“Its time to find a new routine”, I told The Wife.

“Just take it easy. You’ve got lots of time. There is no rush”, she assured me.

“No”, I said, “if I put it off then I’ll never do it, I know what I’m like”.

Covid 19 isolation

I continue to get up at the same time in the morning, 7.30 and turn my lights out at about midnight. The next decision was also very easy, spend more time in the garden when it is warmer. I figured that everything would fall into place after that.

As a contract computer programmer work would expand into the available time and ultimately become frustrating. Working on a fixed price contract was more satisfying. The same applies to life right now. There is no deadline, what I ought to be doing is always more attractive than what I am doing. I need to refine my self-discipline.

Covid isolation benefits

Funnily enough exercise has been a real winner. Pushing a trolley around Waitrose while I do the shopping is over. Instead I go out with my friendly four wheeled Walker. There is a cul-de-sac just 10 m from the house. It is very quiet, no cars and a full-length there and back is about 100 metres. Three lengths are easy but for four is a real struggle.

Strangely enough cake baking has also benefited. I make the cake mixture and it’s the consistency of wallpaper paste. When it comes out of the oven it’s light and very edible. I have had a couple of failures; the secret is to use a tried and tested recipe. Mary Berry is my current go-to baker.

What have I learned

Our routine has changed. The Wife’s business has closed, she looks after dogs while the owners go to work. This blog has taken over a week to write. Nearly everybody’s life has changed and I for one am struggling to find a new and happy Covid 19 isolation routine. Don’t worry I will get the hang of it

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4 responses to “Adapt my MS normal to Covid 19 isolation normal”

  1. Glad to hear you have adapted to the crisis.

    As a retired journalist turned-fiction writer, the main change in my life has been the increase in emails from other writers – and the stress looking at the outside world increasing. I was almost housebound already in my wheelchair, so my routine is almost the same. Except now, writing is sanity and survival.

    Stay safe, sensible, and inspired.

    • Hello Roland,

      I also find writing on my website helps my to my retain sanity and sense of reality. Think everyone has to reset their survival button at the moment.

      Trying very hard to stay safe

  2. Allison says:

    Yes, routines still matter and actually matter more now. They anchor our days and give us hope in our small achievements of our new days. Here in SoCal, my day is much quieter as the town has closed the park that I look out on. So no Mommy&Toddler time at the playground at 10am, no family picnic parties or impromptu soccer games. I do miss those happy noises. But much less obtrusive traffic noise, fewer planes at the nearby airport, and fewer cars leaving our neighborhood as most either have been laid off, furloughed or working remotely. The new normal. I have worked from home grant writing, which is ever so much needed now by so many. So my work is somewhat steady. Will see if the payment comes after. That is the hope. Have to have hope! Stay safe, stay in, stay well, my friends who have chronic diseases and underlying issues!

    • Hello Alison,

      I think both The Wife and me are struggling to find a new routine. We are also hopeful that the old life will return in one form or another. We miss the dogs, always good company and the income as well

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