Aidapt Aluminium Rollator Walking Aid

The Aidapt Aluminium Rollator Walking Aid is a affordable and reliable. It has four wheels so this gives it very good stability. This lightweight rollator is ideal for daily use. It provides stability for those with a balance problem and it helps with mobility. It has a strong aluminium frame as well as a strong and sturdy construction.

aluminium rollator by Aidapt

aluminium rollator by Aidapt

Essential for daily use

If your balance is not 100% or you are elderly or you have difficulty standing then this is a ideal. It will give you support, confidence and it will help you with your mobility. The lightweight, strong aluminium frame is completely reliable, essential for daily use.

Buy an Aidapt Aluminium Rollator Walking Aid now

Designed to makes walking easier

There is a seat to take a rest when you are tired and the backrest will provide essential  support and help with posture when you do sit down. Absolutely ideal when you go into shopping centres but totally reliable when used on the pavements outside. The handles are designed to make it very easy to use the brakes, these can be locked to keep the rollator stationary.

Under the seat there is a compartment to keep shopping and a few other items you will need. It is also possible to put things on the seat when moving around the house.

The following features will also be useful

  • height adjustable handles
  • suitable for elderly, infirm or less able users with little grip power
  • folds easily for storage
  • when folded fits into car boot
  • supplied with a basket and comfortable seat
  • seat that flips up
Aluminium rollator by aidapt

Aluminium rollator by aidapt

You can buy this Aidapt Rollator Walking Aid now.

Some customer comments

  • My elderly father has a stoop and when walking was only able to look at the ground. This rollator allows him to walk upright and gives him added stability
  • This item was purchased for my husband who has difficulty walking
  • Brilliant!!! I needed something lightweight for mum to use and to get about safely. She can now go for short walks and take a rest when needed
  • The walker is easy to push or just pop on the brakes and have a quick sit down

There is absolutely no need to be ashamed or embarrassed using a stable rollator. I have seen many 3 wheel ones but there is not the stability that you get with a 4 wheeled one. Also there is no seat. Another disadvantage of so many 3 wheeled rollators is that you have to bend over a long way to retrieve things from the basket, this makes it very easy to lose your balance.

Buy an Aidapt Aluminium Rollator Walking Aid now.

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