Folding lightweight rollator

Folding Lightweight Rollator

A four wheeled rollator

The day has arrived when I absolutely need to use a rollator. I am finding it difficult to walk around the house safely. I have to ‘furniture walk’ to keep my balance. A poor sense of balance and footdrop because but I cannot lift up my left leg means it very easy for me to fall over. Sooner or later I was going to fall over and hurt myself, maybe even break a bone. This is not a good idea and using a four wheeled indoor rollator makes this almost impossible. My best advice woud be to use a folding lightweight rollator.

Folding lightweight rollator

There is a huge choice or rollators and an equally big range in price. I am going to restrict myself to ones you can use in the house or outside. There are rugged ones designed to be used by fell walkers and other specialised modells.

Basic features for a rollator

In my experience these are the basic features that are necessary

Folding Lightweight Rollator

Handles and tray. The tray slots over the seat

  • 4 wheels. A rollator with three wheels is inherently unstable
  • Easy to grip handgrips with effective brakes that do not require a strong gtip
  • Brakes to lock the rollator and stop it rolling down a slope
  • Walking stick or cane holder
  • A basket
  • 8″ diameterwheels
  • Height adjustable handles
  • A comfortable seat
  • A band that can be used to support hte back and provide assistance if core strength is not very good
  • Easily to remove plastic tray with lip, ideal for taking meals / drinks from room to room. A non-slip mat is very useful
  • Be able to fit it into a car
Folding Lightweight Rollator

Folded rollator

All rollators should fold so that they take up less space. Once folded thay should remain folded but at the same time be easy to unfold and ready for use.

Build quality

There should be no rough edges on a rollator. I bought one that did not cost me much money but it did a lot of damage to the house. It was very easy to allow it to rub against the skirting board and scar the woodwork.

At the end of the day a rollator is an investment and it is for the benefit of your health. If there is a remote chance of falling because of poor balance then I think a rollator is essential. Do not be embarrased by one. In fact many people would much rather you used one than risk falling over. I speak from experience f I would strongly recommend buying one to use in the house. Of course you can easily pop it into the car if you are visiting someone.

What would I suggest?

In my experience I would advise buying a Topro rollator. They might be expensive but they do tick all the boxes. I have two of them, one for indoors and one for when I go outside and I have not regretted the cost for one moment. My MS Therapy Centre in Wendover recommends them because they are practricssl, safe and reliable.

October 2012


5 responses to “Folding lightweight rollator”

  1. Patrick says:

    I have corrected the glitch. go back into this article and you will be able to re-order it. It is very useful inside the house. Stable, turns on a sixpence and I have found the tray invaluable – unable to safelt carry a nearly full glass of water or cup of coffee. I also use it when emptying the dishwasher

  2. Linda says:

    Dear Patric,
    I have been looking for a narrow width rollator with a seat for a long time,the one mentioned above,folding lightweight rollator looks perfect.
    Do you have a product code for item ? I have looked on Amazon site that looked the same but it didn’t mention the narrow width so I didn’t order in case this one is different ,many thanks for your help.Linda

  3. Frances says:

    Patrick, lf you remember l have the Topro Olympus Rollator – which l love – but seeing the one above – l wondered if it would suit my mum- as it is much narrower and easier for indoor use. You mentioned it was not easy to fold up-

    Patrick – l love my Topro Olympus – its so sturdy – and enables me to get all around the house and garden safely- l was wondering if the narrower one – above – would be suitable for my mum. ls it easy to fold up as it does have a solid tray. For the price l might buy one just to use indoors as this mucky weather means l have to take extra care to clean up the wheels before coming indoors with mine!!
    Best wishes to you

    • Patrick says:

      Hello Frances,
      Its a great rollator for indoor use, the tray is a great help, easy to insert or remove from the rigid plastic seat.
      The Topro folds up across the seat, side to side, and there is a clip to keep it folded up, very easy operation. I have experimented with this one, the knack is to lock the rear wheels with the brake.This one folds up front to back, its easy enough to fold up but there is no retaining clip to keep it closed. Instead lock the wheels with the brake, remove the basket, very easy, and fold it up by folding up the hinged metal rods on each side. Lean against the wall, about 12″ foot print. Quite a simple operation. At the end of the day it is very good value for money.
      I hope this info helps,

  4. Patrick says:


    A 4 wheeled rollator offers a much steadier platform, if balance is a issue then I would not recommend a three wheeler. It takes a little while to learn to steer a 4 wheeler, but to my mind, that is not an issue. With the illustrated rollator the tray is a real bonus and it is possible to tip the seat up so the rollator is there for you when doing the cooking, washing up etc. The seat is very sturdy. I think it offers really good value for money

    On the down side it is not very easy to fold up. when I’m not using it I park it under a table

    I hope this has helped you

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