Aidapt Wood Button Hook or Zipper

Aidapt Wood Button Hook or Zipper

Aidapt Wood Button Hook

The Aidapt Wood Button Hook or Zipper is a handy device for doing-up buttons and pulling a zip up or down. Its easy to use, there is a loop at one end for buttons and a hook at the other for zips. The button loop simply passes through the button hole and clips around the button which can then be pulled through. The C hook for zips slips into the tab of the zip and it is so easy to grip and pull the zip up or down as required.

Aidapt Wood Button Hooker or Zipper

It is a great dressing aid for people who find it difficult to do fiddly little things. Buttoning up a shirt can be ever so fiddly. Do you have arthritis, limited mobility, stiff shoulder or arm  or maybe the use of only one hand? This can give you more independence.

Struggle with multiple sclerosis

I have to do up the buttons of a shirt before I put it on. then I put it on as if it were a pullover. The sense of feeling and touch as well as the necessary dexterity in the tips of my fingers has been lost, this is as a result of Progressive MS. At the moment I can still manage zips and shoe laces.

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Product details

  • Ideal for people who have limited mobility or the use of only one hand.
  • Helps people with limited dexterity, stiff shoulder or the use of only one hand
  • A simple and effective dressing aid for improved independence
  • Solid wood handle for comfort and durability
  • Requires no power source
  • Slim design for easy storage or transportation

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Customer comments

  • I found the product very helpful in assisting me fasten buttons, as I have MS and my grasp is not to good.
  • If like me, you have arthritis in your fingers then zips and buttons can prove a challenge. My occupational therapist recommended this item to overcome the difficulties
  • With limited dexterity in my hands this was ideal for fastening buttons. Does exactly what it is intended to do at a good price.

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