Another sponsored walk

Another sponsored walk

Another sponsored walk with my rollator

Well it’s another year and I am starting to think about one of my annual challenges. I like to have challenges. They have to be achievable and put me outside of my comfort zone. So time for another sponsored walk.

The right distance

In 2015 I had tried to walk a mile with my rollator in Berkhamsted. The distance and the rough pavements were too difficult. Half way through I had to climb into my wheelchair and push myself for 400 yards. That was definitely too far. The following year it was time to be less ambitious.

Another sponsored walk 

Realistically the maximum distance is one kilometre. At the end the power on my FES will have been turned up several times to combat foot drop.  When I finish I feel a fabulous sense of satisfaction. This pesky disease MS, the one I cannot ignore, limits what I can do.  A walk using my rollator ticks all the positive boxes.

Parallel London

Another sponsored walk

I will need my rollator

An organisation called Parallel London started an event last year described as a fully accessible fun run. Its happening at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London on Sunday 3rd September 2017. Last year I walked 1 Km. It was a well organised event and it was fun. The walk was on a flat even surface and this makes a huge difference to me. I will do it again. 🙂

Happy exercise

I am quite sure you all understand the importance of exercise. I tried swimming but was not enjoying it and I was making excuses not to go. It reached the stage where I would rather iron my clothes than go to the pool. 🙁 Well that was no good so I gave it up. Instead I started walking.

Now the other leg

A few days ago I looked at the sole of my right shoe, as one does. It was worn down at the front as if the front of my foot was being dragged along the ground. I went out yesterday to do my 600 metre walk. After about 400 metres I noticed that I was not always lifting my right foot ff the ground. I hadn’t noticed this before.

Another sponsored walk


Immediately all sorts of ghastly ideas rushed through my brain. None of them good thoughts either. Is this going to morph into drop foot for my right leg? At the moment it does not cause me a significant problem. Neither did foot drop in my left leg when it started about 15 years ago. Look at me now!

Its early days

If its like the rest of my MS then progress won’t be fast. So have I got 10 years before it becomes a significant issue? Much more to the point is there something I can do to protect the nerves? What effect will this have on my walking and mobility?

At the moment here are too many questions and no answers. One answer is to be positive and smile.

April 2017

2 responses to “Another sponsored walk”

  1. Richard Leakey says:

    I have foot drop and have Benign MS diagnosed in 2008/9. I now struggle to walk 50 metres and soon will be very reliant on my buggy for general movement outside the house and hopefully my new boot scooter will take care of holidays. I have not got FES. So Benign MS is not really Benign at all! Walking may soon become a thing of the past. What medication is available for Benign progressive MS ? Surely there’s something!!! Nobody in the medical world seems t worry about Benign, progressive MS- but when does it become primary progressive? When I can’t walk at all? I don’t see anybody and nobody wants to see me. It’s a pour do. Perhaps I need to shout out loud a lot and become more proactive

    • Hhello Richard,

      In the UK there is no medication avsilable to flatline progresss of MS. Yes, that is not good news. There are lots of us in a similar position. It is a real s**t. Theere is stuff out there such aS sophonimod but not yet approved by NICE

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