Bosch Telescopic Handles for Bosch Shearer & Trimmer

Bosch Telescopic Handles  for Bosch Trimmer will probably be a big help if you have purchased the Bosch cordless edging and shearing tool , then.

Bosch telescopic handles

Bosch telescopic handles

You can now use the Bosch edge trimmer while standing up and also get-at hard-to-reach areas. The telescopic handle is height adjustable from 80cm-115cm and it fixes to the Bosch Isio Grass Shear.

Makes life easier

It allows you to trim the grass edges without getting down onto your knees. You can also trim parts of a hedge that you cannot reach without perching precariously on a step ladder.

This sounds like a winner in every way – stops the knees getting dirty or falling off a step ladder. The attachment means being able to trim a lawn edge while using a Bosch trimmer while standing up.

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Bosch telescopic handle fitted to shears

Bosch telescopic handle fitted to shears

Customer comments

  • This is really saves your back if you have a large lawn to edge
  • If you buy the Isio grass shear you would need this item, unless you want to kneel to cut the edges. Have found it really good & easy to clip to the shears.
  • once I had the handle at the correct height for me, it then took 10-15 minutes to do what usually takes an hour. The swivel head is also an advantage if the ground levels are different. Thumbs up!
Telescopic handles in use

Telescopic handles in use

Buy the Bosch Telescopic Handles now.

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2 responses to “Bosch Telescopic Handles for Bosch Shearer & Trimmer”

  1. Gloria O'Sullivan says:

    where can I purchase in NY USA

    • Hello,

      I can only find UK outlets after a quick Google. There are alternative products available in USA. Search in Google for ‘Garden battery powered shearer and trimmer’

      Good luck

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